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Master Johann Steinarsson[edit | edit source]

Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • Early 11th Century Norse.
  • Johann was born into a world in the throes of change. A year earlier, King Olaf had issued an edict that all the Norse people should convert to Christianity, and while there were some who embraced this change eagerly, there were others reluctant to convert. Johann's mother was one of those reluctant. Throughout his childhood, though he had been baptized with a Christian name, his mother told him many tales of the Old Ways. Johann's bedtime tales were of the deeds of Odin the All-Father, of Thor, of Loki the Trickster. All these stories remained with him as he grew older, drawing him away from the trade of his father and grandfather. As the scion of a blacksmithing family, Johann tried his best to learn the trade, but always the hearth and the saga called out to him. In the end, Johann set out to make his own place in Iceland, as a spinner of tales and keeper of songs.

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]


  • When started in SCA: Autumn of 2006
  • Significant events since then:
    • First Baronial event- Midwinter Court, Feb. 2007.
    • First Kingdom event- Valor 28, Labor Day weekend 2007.
    • Award of Arms, presented by Martino III and Ariel III on 9/5/2009.
    • Champion of the Bardic College of Calontir, Lilies 24, 6/16/2010
    • Torse, presented by Ostwald I and Kaye I on 9/4/2010 for heralding and help as needed.
    • Golden Calon Swan, presented by Anton II and Isabeau II on 3/26/2011 for Bardic Arts.
    • Accepted as Protege to Mistress Dorcas Whitecap, 12/10/2011
    • Leather Mallet, presented by Hirsch II and Magdalena II on 9/1/2012 for chainmail work.
    • Gulf Wars 22 War Bard Champion, 3/13/2013
    • Calon Lily, presented by Damien I and Issabell I on 8/31/2013 for Bardic Arts.
    • First Place, Yeoman Crossbow division, King's Companie of Archers, 9/7/2013
    • Gulf Wars 23 War Bard Champion, 3/12/2014
    • First Place, Yeoman Crossbow division, King's Companie of Archers, 9/6/2014
    • Awarded Forgotten Sea colors, Kris Kinder, 12/13/2014
    • First Place, Yeoman Crossbow division, King's Companie of Archers, 9/12/2015
    • Boga-Fyrd, presented by Xerxis I and BelAnna I on 9/12/2015.
    • Cross of Calontir, presented by Matsunaga I and Elena I on 5/28/2016
    • Order of the Pelican, elevated by Donngal IV and Catalina II on 6/8/2019

Groups and Affiliations:

  • Current Group(s): Barony of Vatavia, Barony of Forgotten Sea(honorary).
  • Previous Groups: None
  • Guilds, Households, etc: Protege to Mistress Dorcas Whitecap (now fellow Peer), Member of the Bardic College of Calontir.


  • Local Offices: Caltrop Pursuivant, Barony of Vatavia (January 2013- December 2017)
  • Regional Offices:
  • Kingdom Offices: Battleur Herald (First tenure, Fall Crown 2012- Spring Crown 2015. Second tenure, Fall Crown 2018 - present)
  • SCA-wide Offices:
  • Other service: Herald-at-large(court, list and/or camp cries) as needed; itinerant contributing storyteller at Lilies Children's Story Hour and Kris Kinder Story Hour; developer and sponsor of the Valor Bardic Competition within the Tournament of Valor; camp announcement coordinator and list herald for Tournament of Valor; waterbearer when time and energy allows.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

Posts photo albums of events frequently to the Calontir Civilian Press Corps FB Group

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