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It is the early 1580s, and the rebellious northern provinces of the Low Countries fight for independence against Habsburg Spain. The realities of the war do not allow Jonkheer Hugo van Harlo, to peacefully remain only a dutiful member of the local Overijssel gentry. Instead, he has taken to authoring political tracts and raised a vendel of infantry in service to the nascent Dutch republic, of which he serves as its hopman.

Interests: Late Sixteenth Century Dutch History, Cartography, & Print Culture[edit | edit source]

I am primarily a history buff, researching the Dutch Revolt, early Dutch Republic, and the gentry of the eastern Low Countries & lower Rhineland border. My focus is between the 1576 Pacification of Ghent and the 1592 death of the Prince of Parma. I'm also interested in the golden age of cartography and the burgeoning print culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - two areas that have inspired my A&S competition entries thus far.

Renaissance Netherlands with Will Phillips[edit | edit source]

As an outgrowth of my historical research, I launched a history page on Facebook. Given that not all of that audience are SCA members (and some are professional historians and educators), I've chosen to brand it with my real name instead of "Hugo van Harlo."

SCA History[edit | edit source]

I discovered the SCA as a senior in college and played for about two years. A cross-country move saw me step away from the organization for almost a decade. It was another move - this time to Kansas City in 2015 - that lead to my return... and the jumping in with both feet that's happened since then.

  • Current Group: Three Rivers (St. Louis, 2019-Present)
  • Previous Groups: Forgotten Sea (Kansas City, 2015-2019), Northkeep (Tulsa, 2005-2006), Mooneschadowe (Stillwater, OK, 2005)
  • Apprenticed to Mistress Jorunn Eydisardottir (Kris Kinder 2017)