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HL Eynon Llangenydd (or Langenyth)[edit | edit source]

(pronounced "eye nun")

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Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • My SCA persona is 13th century Welshman whose father left the priesthood for the woman who would eventually become my mother. I toyed with the notion of the priesthood at one time, but instead chose to take up the bow in addition to my duties on my family’s land in the village of Llangenydd (or Llangennith or Langenyth). My father and mother both had experience in the brewing arts and handed down their knowledge and skill to me.
  • A brewer of ale, mead, and other miscellaneous alcoholic beverages

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

Timeline:[edit | edit source]

I joined the SCA at the beginning of 2009; My first event was March Warden in 2009.

Awards: AoA(10-16-2010); Leather Mallet for brewing(3-23-2013); Boga Fyrd(9-7-2013); Silver Hammer for brewing (10-25-2014); Torse (9-12-2015); Cross of Calontir (6-13-2018) for service to Kingdom; Boga Hirth (9/8/2018)

Link to Calontir OP

Link to Calontir Armorial

A link to my award scrolls.

Offices/Service:[edit | edit source]

Local Offices: Shire March of Grimfells: Seneschal (2011-2013); Group Archery Marshal (2011-2017), Webminister (2013-2016), Deputy Webminister (2016-Sept 2017), Webminister (Sept 2017-April 2018) Event Steward - A Crusade to Grimfells (Fall 2017)

Kingdom Offices: Lilies War Webminister (2013-2014); Deputy Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk (Nov 2014 to Dec 2014); Blue Hawk Herald/OP Clerk (Dec 2014/Kris Kinder - Feb 26, 2020); Lilies War Deputy Archery Marshal-in-Charge (2016), Lilies War Archery Marshal-in-Charge (2017).

Other service: Calontir Warranted Archery Marshal; Served on task force that developed an SCA-wide interest group that promotes "period" archery.

Archery Marshal-in-Charge: Harvest Raids (2012); Return of the Hunt (2013); Hail the Striking Falcon (2014); Spirits of the Middle Ages (2015); Horses & Heroes (2016); A Crusade to Grimfells (2017)

Royal Brewer, Kingdom of Calontir (2016-2017)

Boga Fyrd Captain, (2017-2018)

Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Apprenticed to Mistress Christiaen Janssen (Valor 2011)

Calontir Brewers Guild

Academy of Historical Archery

Current Interests and Activities[edit | edit source]

I enjoy doing research. I particularly like to find modern scientific support for common practices in the Middle Ages. I am researching the development of lager beer in the 15-16th century. I am particularly interested in the evolution of yeasts that allowed for the cold fermentation characteristic of lagers. Here is a link to a research paper I wrote for Kingdom A&S 2016.

I recently began to read the latest literature on genetic analyses of yeasts used for wine, bread, beer, and sake. This research gives us some insight into domestication and population migration in earlier millennia.

Researching the Medieval roots of Nocino, a green walnut cordial. My current project involves barrel aging of a batch of Nocino. When the Nocino has finished aging, an imperial stout will be placed in the barrel for conditioning. Here is a link to my original post regarding this project.

Researching the modern research on hops that validates the use of hops for menstrual problems in the Middle Ages. Here is a link to the first in a three part series about this issue on my blog.

Arrow-making - self nocked arrows with horn or hardwood inserts.

Shooting exclusively Period equipment since 2015.

Beginning to shoot a crossbow and make crossbow bolts in 2016/2017.

My Personal Website[edit | edit source]

[Blog: Casks and Quivers][edit | edit source]

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