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Pronunciation guide: Alternate/former names: Cristina D'Ambuler, Christina l'Ambeler Use names:

Persona:[edit | edit source]

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History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

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When started in SCA Significant events since then (competitions, championships, tourneys, first event, etc.) * Entered into the Order of the Calon Cross on January 6th, 2018, at Twelfth Night in Lonely Tower. Link to Calontir OP - @

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Other Information[edit | edit source]

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Text of Cross Scroll[edit | edit source]

by Mistress @Jehanne Bening, based on The Deeds of Phillip II Augustus by Rigord

In the Kingdom of Calontir's 33rd year, the second of Their Royal Majesties Damien and Issabell's reign, they summoned their friends and intimates to the celebration of Twelfth Night, in Their Barony of the Lonely Tower, a very powerful and well fortified keep. In the innumerable multitude they recognized one whose zealous teaching and leading of others, contributions in many kitchens, bundles of largess, officer of Our Barony and months bearing water to Our army, are in the interests of the realm. In addition they recognized their Order of the @Calon Cross, whose names would be too long to list here, were never the less deficient in strength. There-fore they drew up a testament and ordinance for the whole realm in the following words: We, Damien, king by right of combat, and Issabell, his queen of Calontir, know that the royal office exists to provide for the needs of subjects by all means and to place the public before Our private interest. Therefore We will and command that Cristina la Ambeler from this day forward to be a member of Our esteemed Order of the Calon Cross; to take counsel in the business of the Order; to accept from our hands and wear as fitting Our Order's arms and to carry it for safety and protection as she travels from kingdom to kingdom. In addition and from Our abundance We concede and give to the Honorable Lady Cristina for her use and benefit as is her wont an annual rent of eight barrels of wine in barrels called costerez, which contain a sixth of a muid of Chatres. We have commanded that the present document be confirmed with the authority of our seal and the karactere of the royal names appended below. Done on January 6th in the 52nd year of Our Society, in the presence of Our Order of the Calon Cross. (Calligraphy and illumination by Mistress @Sofya la Rus, based on 13th-14th century manuscripts, especially the Grandes Chroniques.)

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