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Per saltire argent and vert, a Latin cross and a cadeuces argent, and for augmentation a canton purpure charged with a cross of Calatrava Or
Master Crag Duggan

Master Crag Duggan[edit | edit source]

Persona:[edit | edit source]

Crag Duggan is a late 11th century Anglo Celt from Carlisle with a bone to pick with William of Normandy and his ilk. He received a good education from the Church, but lacking much opportunity at home, he wandered south. Finding Norman England less agreeable that it ought to have been, he was restless and passed on to the continent where he sought service as he could, desiring to find his way to Rome. There Urban II was leading sweeping ecclesiastical reform, that would affect all Christendom.

Hearing the Holy Father had come to France for the Council of Clermont, Crag there journeyed and so heard Urban’s appeal to free the Holy Land in 1095 and by 1096 had found his way to Amiens where he heard the holy man Peter and joined the First Crusade. In time he became disenchanted with killing for his Lord, when it seemed to only be for the gain of earthly princes. And the murder of women and children left him conscience stricken.

By 1100 he had found his way back to the northern lands of his birth, becoming a lay brother in a religious community in the Western Isles, as far away from Norman England as he could be. His interest in natural sciences included the rudiments of medicine in his youthful studies and his experiences on Crusade provided him with much practical experience. This made him a useful, if not quite trusted member of the community.

His great joy lay in the writing of the lives of saints and preserving their homilies. He also found comfort in treating the sick in the surrounding villages when they came to the abbey. Thus he could assuage the sadness he felt for the terrible deeds of the Crusade. He had little use for princes and barons who brutally lorded it over God’s children. The poor he loved the best, and with them he shared his faith and his lore in medicine.

Master Crag in earlier days

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

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Crag Duggan found his way into the Society via the Mythopoeic Society and the old Tolkien Society, joining in the fall of 1978 in the Shire of Standing Stones a few months after it was founded, not long after Geoffri of Wareine had convinced Good King Finnvarr that there needed to be a place called Calontir. Finnvarr fortunately bought Geoffri’s averment that they had no political ambitions. [They didn't, but he did.]

Crag was thus privileged to be present at the birth of Calontir and played. schemed, and worked throughout the Regional and Principality years for the creation of this kingdom. He has the honor to say he has served every Warlord, Prince, and King of Calontir.

In the early days he plied his trade as a chirurgeon, while shuttling back and forth between sedition and treason. In the reign of William the First, he took up the sword at the insistence of his friend Pavel Iosevich and found great joy in the path of the sword.

Long ago, at Pennsic 11, he chanced upon copies of some of Duke Finnvarr’s Histories of the Kings of the Middle Kingdom, and was deeply moved. Thereafter he began to plan the telling of the histories of the Kings of Calontir, should there ever be any.

Over the next many years, Crag traveled the known world seeking out the history of Calontir and the other kingdoms of the SCA. He wrote the two volume Chronicles of Calontir to teach those who came after why Calontir is Calontir. He yet foresees and dreads the day when he will have to keep his promise and again take up the pen to tell the tales of the Kings of Calontir, as he did tell the tales of the Warlords and Princes before them.

Crag has been richly blessed, far beyound his true worth by the Kingdom of Calontir. He is a baron of the court, a companion of the Pelican, a companion of the Lily, a companion of the Iren Fyrd, Thegn to Gilligan and Adelith,Thegn to Valens and Susannah, is a bearer of the Sword of Calontir, and by the grace of Kensor and Salamandra, holder of an augmentation of arms which he considers almost his greatest honor: “on a canton purpur, a cross of Calatrava, or “, that is to say, his kingdom has granted him its favor. Great treasure that! The only greater treasure he has is the friendship of so many wonderful folk in these current middle ages!

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Chronicles of Calontir - Two-volume history of early Calontir, available in paperback on Amazon

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