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Aislinn Morcroft[edit | edit source]

Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • 14th century Lowland Scot

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Joined in 1990; first event Toys For Tots in Wyvern Cliffe
  • County 4/1998
  • Duchy 4/2002
  • Invited into the Order of the Laurel at Feast of Eagles 7/2014
  • Apprenticed Katherine Devereaux of York in June 2015
  • Invited into the Order of the Pelican at Toys for Tots 2016
  • Apprenticed Gianna Viviani 12/18
  • Apprenticed Padrigain an Einigh 2/19
  • Groups and Affiliations:

Current Group: Barony of Three Rivers

Previous Groups: Shire of Wyvern Cliffe; Shire of Standing Stones

  • Offices: RUSH chancellor; previously been Kingdom Seneschal, regional Seneschal, Shire Seneschal, chatelaine, demo coordinator

Other service: chamberlain, Lilies parking coordinator, Lilies finance coordinator, sanitation block captain, event steward for Toys for Tots, event steward for Chieftains; gate coordinator Gryphons fest; setup/clean up coordinator Winter Court; soup kitchen coordinator at Estrella War, waterbearing, soup kitchen help; Pennsic party fundraiser chair; lady in waiting

Other Information[edit | edit source]

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