Zaneta Baseggio

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Image from Calontir Online Armorial

Siora Zaneta Baseggio

Pronounciation Hint: Zaneta rhymes with Anita.

Persona and Interests:

  • Persona:

Zaneta is a 15th-16th century (1490 - 1510) Venetian woman living in Murano and the daughter of a master glassworker. Sometimes Zaneta plays around with being a 10th century woman from Vestfold, Norway. [Armorial Entry] [OP Entry]

  • Interests & Skills:

Heraldry Glasswork - especially lampwork beads Embroidery and needlework Garb and sewing - especially Italian and Viking Cooking Tablet weaving Illumination Archery and Thrown Weapons

History in the SCA:

  • Timeline:

1997 - 1998: Found the SCA through a friend and played a little in the Canton of Axed Root as a teenager. Left for various reasons - mostly, being a teenager. 2011 - present: Returned to the SCA

  • Groups:

Current Group: Canton of Axed Root Associated with: Barony of Coeur d'Ennui

  • Associations:

Calontir College of Heralds Calontir Glassworkers Guild

  • Offices Held:

Seneschal of Axed Root: 2012 - 2014 Herald of Axed Root: 2014 - present Red Hawk Herald (external commenting herald): 2014 - present Secretary for the Calontir Glassworkers Guild: 2017 - present

  • Kingdom Honors & Awards:

2012: Award of Arms 2013: Order of the Torse 2016: Order of the Golden Calon Swan 2017: Order of the Leather Mallet 2017: Order of the Cross of Calontir

2012: Baronial Archery Champion 2013: Bon Coeur (Service) 2013: Lumier du Sanglier (Teaching) 2015: Boar's Tooth (A&S)

Other Information

  • Registered Heraldry:

Primary Device: Argent, on a pale cotised sable, a comet argent. Alternate/Historical Device: Purpure, on a pale cotised between two comets argent, a comet sable. Badges: * (Fieldless) A crab argent sustaining in its claws a key reversed sable * (Fieldless) A key fesswise reversed sable.

  • Alternate Name:

Clara Brown - used in conjunction with her lord husband's alternate name, Emmett Brown.

  • Links and Blogs:

[& Key ]- Personal cooking / crafting blog with a historical bent. IRCC 6 Participant Page - Participated in the 6th Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge put on by the Realm of Venus.

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