War College 2017

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Date: May 6. 2017 Location: Tribble Park, Halsville Royalty: TRM Ashir and Ashland, TRH Damien and Issabel

Event Steward: HE Countess Katrine Thorroffsdottir


Highlights:[edit | edit source]

  • Classes for the Calontir Army
  • Cut and Thrust Activities
  • Combat Archery Authorizations
  • Clothing Classes
  • Class on How to Make a Gambeson
  • Class on Heraldry in War
  • Class on Water Bearing
  • Heraldic Consult Table

Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

Photos:[edit | edit source]

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Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • Being Seneschal of the hosting shire I am biased, but I think this year's War College was one of the best. There was a little of everything to do, and I enjoyed myself greatly. I am hoping next year will be even better. :) - Lord Hubert de Stockleye