War College 2016

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Date: May 7 2016 Location: Middle Grove, Missouri Royalty

Event Steward: HE Baron Eric St. Leger



Unofficial Court Report:


Comments and Impressions:

  • Greetings, War College was excellent and most educational. First!, Thank You! Lord Grimr (Daryl Brown). Without your encouragement and of course the Armor! this Dream, Adventure I have embarked on, would not have been. Second, please forgive me for not remembering your names! To all of you at War College who helped guide and teach me I hope you realize I am very grateful to have such an experience. Every single person I met I admire and respect! Thank you all for helping me feel excepted. Finally, This being my second event and feeling the way I do (Even with bruise's and pains I'm feeling LOL) Melon Wars and War College will always be a great beginning and strong foundation from which my new journey begins. - Raymond Showers
  • I would like to thank each and every person who came to War College. Each one of you made the event a blast. - Leo Knisely