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War College has been an annual event for many years in Calontir held in late April or early May. For several years it had been held in the Shire of Standing Stones, but for the last 13 years it has been hosted by the Shire of Amlesmore. Last year, the Calontir War Council added a Fall War College that was held in the Barony of Forgotten Sea in October. The plan now is to have a Fall War College and a Spring War College. The focus of War College are classes for the Army of Calontir. In 2017, Amlesmore added courses for non-fighters such as how to make a gambeson, various clothing classes, and classes on heraldry,

Some Typical Fighter Classes at War College are:

  • Basic Spear Commands
  • Charges
  • Pole Arms and Great Swords

Comments and Impressions:

Past War Colleges: