Twelfth Night 2015

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General Info[edit | edit source]

January 3rd, 2015

Barony of Lonely Tower: Mount Michael Benedictine School, 22050 Mount Michael Road, Elkhorn, NE 68022

Royalty: Their Majesties Agamemnon and Gwen

Event Steward: Mistress Thora Sigurdsdottir

Feast Steward: Maestra Suzanne de la Ferte

Theme: Twelfth Night a la Rus

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

  • Just want to commend Nakos Theodorosides for his stylish presentation of 12 days of largesse, starting with 12 falcon tabards, and working down to 1 set of new leather retinue bags. His generosity will help provide future awardees with lovely medallions. Take note, all those traveling to Gulf, there were FIVE (5) Sword of Calontir medallions in there. We expect great deeds on the field, and to hear the stories. And Nakos' presentation perfectly set up the court for Semjaka and his household to present the wonderful "Large S" that will provide many excellent contributions to the SCA Royal Facepalm group.

Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

  • Kristoforus Johannesson - Award of Arms
  • Arnora of Lonely Tower - Award of Arms
  • Ganyastmelhijin - Award of Arms
  • Marajil bint Horoun ibn Almad - Award of Arms</span>
  • Amon Attwood - Award of Arms
  • Nesscia inghenn Chearnaigh - Cross of Calontir
  • Katsumoto Tadamasa - Iren Fyrd
  • Halldora Gudnirsdottir - Leather Mallet
  • Sebastian d'Hinnisdael - Leather Mallet
  • Khalil abd'l-Wahid al-Katib - Leather Mallet
  • Bietriz la Cristaliere - Leather Mallet (second)
  • Aleit de la Thomme - Award of Arms
  • Fionnghuala Inghean Ui Fallamhain - Torse
  • Shandrake of Vale - Torse
  • Lewelyth of Loch Bheathrach - Award of Arms
  • Michael Larson - Award of Arms</span>

Photos:[edit | edit source]

Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • Maestra Suzanne - Many, many thanks to the folks who helped in the 12th Night kitchen: Gerard, Moira, Bechte and Lorraine, Arnora, Gwyneth, Charles, Kathleen, and Meghan, Candy (Cristina), Christoffer, and Kaitlyn (Kitta), Michelle, and Angus. Most especial thanks go to Cristina, Christoffer, and Kitta who worked in the kitchen all day then stayed late to finish cleaning up the kitchen. A truly astounding family!!
  • Also .... Huge thanks to Cristina who made the preserved press and apples and the elderberry jam. To Lisette, who made the pickled cucumbers and beets. To Lisette, Kathryn, Nakos, and Aemiliana who made the beef piroshkies. And to Clare who made the rye bread. You are all awesome!!