Toys for Tots 2017

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18 November 2017 Location Royalty

Event Steward:



Unofficial Court Report:

  • Afternoon court:

> Paulinnius – Iren Fyrd > Faustus Cantilius Lupus – Iren Hirth > Arnsfast Rikardson – Iren Hirth > The Premier members of the Order of @Defense in Calontir were made. They are: > Donald Andrew MacDonald, Gawin Kappler and Ravasz Janos

> @Elena Skynith – Golden Calon Swan > Amanda of Standing Stones – AoA > @Hálfgrímr hafreki (aka Halvgrimr Riddari) – Cross of Calontir > @Alanora O’Keefe – Cross of Calontir > Thaddeus Ellenbach – Cross of Calontir > Lena van Nijmegen – AoA > @Da’ud ibn al-Kabsh al-Ma’iz al-Garnati – Torse > Severin Svendottir – Laurel

  • Other court tidings:

> Zach was the winner of the T4T Youth Combat tourney. > Duke Anton Rhaghelan was the winner of the Cut & Thrust tourney. > Charles von Bayrreuth was the winner of the Novice tourney. > Count Caius Rectus Xerxis was the winner of the T4T Armored Combat tourney. > There were 2371 toys collected. > Halvgrimr Riddari brought the most toys as an individual, and was given possession of the Coordinators Award, given to Calontir by the USMC. > The Shire of Standing Stones brought the most toys as a group. > Honorable Lady Juliana della Rena won the raffle. > 5 newcomers were given mugs. > Emissaries from Atenveldt brought greetings and gifts for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses.


Comments and Impressions: