Toys for Tots 2016

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19 November 2016 Location Royalty

Event Steward:



> For the 28th year, Calontir brought holiday joy to hundreds of children through donations made at the annual Toys For Tots Tournament in Wyvern Cliffe. > 1507 toys were donated, along with $1360 dollars in cash donations. The cash donations alone will provide holiday cheer to 750 needy kids. > Lady Kolfinna Halvgrimsdottir was the individual who brought in the most toys, at 209. > The Barony of Forgotten Sea was the group that provided the most toys, at 297. > In recognition of 28 years of donations to this great cause, Their Royal Majesties accepted the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Commander’s Award. Vivat Calontir!

Unofficial Court Report:

  • In morning court:

> Master Brendan Mac antSaoir swore fealty as Kingdom Seneschal and

  • On the field:

> Anton Rhaghelan – Iren Hirth > Zachariah MacDonald – Iren Fyrd

  • In evening court:

> Cillian Mac Marroo – Chivalry > Anna Plantyn – Silver Hammer > Gabriella von Fredrichstahl – Calon Lily > Anna Jarlsmodir – Torse > Aislinn Morcroft – Pelican > A boon was begged for HL Aiden O’Seaghdha to join the Order of Chivalry.



Comments and Impressions:

  • The old broad is going to brag.

> I have been a member of the shire of Wyvern Cliffe since the Sunday after the very first Toys for Tots. > Granted I took 5 years or so off after Duncan died. > That being said, I am so freaking proud of our members. > No way we could ever put on TFT without a lot of help from across the kingdom. > But tonight watching the floor go down and the lists go up I had one of those moments. > So many members of our tiny shire were out there, on their hands and knees, fitting pads and securing everything with duct tape. > In addition people from across the kingdom were right there beside them. > I am so proud. I felt Duncan and Neihm in that moment. I know he and she are saying it was worth the lean years, when we wondered if we would have enough members to fill.the officer positions. > Thank you "my" sweet shire mates, Auntie Alvira loves you.