Toys for Tots 2015

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21 November 2015 Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, Wyvern Cliffe Royalty:

Event Steward: Mistress Gabrielle von Friedrichstahl


  • Ishmala to Pelican
  • Elynor to Laurel - 14th century English vigil
  • Novice Rattan Tourney - Gunnar of Oak Heart
  • TfT Rattan Tourney - Sir Martus Aleksandrov
  • TfT C&T Tourney - Sir Duncan of Skeene
  • The Barony of Three Rivers was recognized as the group that brought the most toys.
  • Halvgrim Riddari was recognized as the individual who brought the most toys.

Unofficial Court Report:

  • A boon was begged for Katherine die Heilige to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel.

> Kolfinna Halvgrimsdottir – AoA > Helen Amysdottir – Queen’s Chalice > Elynor of Glastonbury – Order of the Laurel > Rebecca Beaumont is the new Chair of the Lilies Committee. > John Bowyer – Iren Fyrd > Kirk Fitzdavid – Golden Calon Swan > Violet Sinclair – Calon Cross > Hugh du Puy – QED for Chivalry > Ishmala bint Yuhannah – Order of the Pelican > >

Photos and Video:

Comments and Impressions:

  • TFT was a great success and it's because this is the most wonderful Kingdom in the known world. Two little words, Thank you, do not begin to express my gratitude for all those who helped make the event so successful. There will be so many children who will get to open presents this year because of you!!! - Gabrielle von Friedrichstahl
  • Words fail me to adequately express yesterday. I am so very humbled to be a member of the Order of the Pelican and can't thank enough everyone who worked so hard to make the day special. Thank you to Bronwen de Westhold for all of the food, it was so good! Juliana della Rena and Helena Soranzo for the countless hours of clothing construction, Denise LeCourt for the beautiful shoes, Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl for the vigil tokens, Rufus Tenstone for the amazing pottery, Jaida de Leon and Elynor of Glastonbury for the beautiful scroll and text, Isengrim Slegga for the stunning Medallion. Galen MacColmain the vigil book was just beautiful! The hood made by Issabell St. Charles and the Coat by Rebecca Beaumont are almost to beautiful to wear.

> Catalina de Arazuri wrote a beautiful ceremony and I was so stunned to see all of those beautiful banners unfurled, a memory I will cherish! Issabell St. Charles and Rebecca Beaumont I am very blessed to have you as friends and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my sponsors on this journey. To everyone who spoke, I am deeply touched and carry your words with me. I truly am very lucky to be surrounded by the wonderful people that make up the fabric of our kingdom. - Ishmala