Tournament of Horse and Falcons 2017

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27-28 May 2017 Location Royalty

Event Steward:



Unofficial Court Report:

  • **Saturday on the field:**

> @Charles Vaux – Iren Fyrd

  • **Saturday evening court:**

> Gyða glóra – Laurel > @Uaithne inghean uí Ruairc – AoA > Emeline de Moulineaux – Leather Mallet > Magdalena vander Meere – Pelican

  • **Other Saturday court tidings:**

> The Barony of Forgotten Sea presented gifts of silk banners to all the other baronies. > At the invitation of Zephyrine of the Outlands, His Highness Damien declared that Calontir would attend Battlemoor this year. > Richard de Bleys received his Chivalry scroll, due since the reign of Anton III and Isabeau. > Countess @Adelith of Horton-cum-Studley swore fealty. > A boon was begged for Maren Þorskapitr to join the Order of Chivalry.

  • **Sunday on the field:**

> Richard de Bleys – Eo Fyrd > @Elizabet Walker of Paisley – Eo Fyrd

  • **Sunday evening court:**

> Holta-Fjorleif – AoA > Pádraigín an Einigh – Leather Mallet > @Lucia of Vatavia – Calon Lily > Eowyth þa Siðend – Pelican


Comments and Impressions: