Tournament of Horse and Falcons 2016

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27-30 May 2016 Location: Hollis Center, 11414 Kansas Ave, Kansas City, KS 66111 Royalty

Website: @ Facebook event page: @

Event Steward: Countess Gwen A’Brooke

Theme: Tournament of Horse and Falcons: Harpies and Centaurettes, The Pink Ribbon Edition


  • The auction to raise money for Breast Cancer research raised over $1,450. Many thanks to Duncan Fearmac for playing auctioneer, [[1]] and Gillie for being Vanna's, and Bronwen for recording sales and collecting monies.

Unofficial Court Reports:

  • Saturday Morning court:

> Valdríkr inn Danski - Order of Chivalry/Knight >

  • Saturday On the field: Daniel Steelbender - Iren-Hirth
  • Saturday Evening court:

> Olivia Scarritt - AoA > Ayisha bint Asad - Golden Calon Swan > Jóhann Steinarsson - Cross of Calontir > Bietriz la Cristaliere - Silver Hammer > Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh - Order of the Pelican

  • Sunday court:
  • Evelyn Roberts – Golden Calon Swan

> Astrid Ffelixdottir – AoA > Perrin Ffelixson – AoA > Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten – Thegn of Calontir > Catalina de Arazuri – Order of the Laurel



  • I had a few requests regarding recipes for some of the items at the lunch inn at Horse & Falcon on Sunday. Here are links for those that wanted them and notes regarding my preparations.

> @ This is the crustless tart I made in muffin tins. The cheese I used was an Italian blend, I didn't have hyssop, and I used the diced onions you can get in the spice section of the grocery store instead of fresh. > @ This is the recipe I used for the meatballs except I used beef and didn't add the 'spines'. > Enjoy! - Agnes von Heidelberg >

Comments and Impressions:

  • Calontir Family, It was so good to see so many of you at H&F this weekend. I apologize to those of whom I missed seeing or talking, but I cannot tell you how good it felt to be in the kingdom of my heart once more after such a long time. Never forget how special this kingdom is and how special you all are. Thank you! And see you at Coronation in July! - Bess
  • Mistress Aidan, thank you so much for taking the time to go collect rocks and clay, to sit with my son and his friends and teach them about making pigment out of rocks. He was full of information and telling me about everything you taught him, from the clay and it's processing, to the rock you used to grind the rocks, to which feather is better to use for quills. The samples were amazing! Thank you again so much! - Siobhan MacKee
  • Thanks to everyone that came out this weekend and participated in The Huskarl Challenge.

> It was an honor to take the field with each and everyone of you. > There was a newly rekindled joy in my heart to see all the folks out on the field with long weapons in their hands! > I was saddened to have to cut the time short on Sunday but look forward to Lilies when I will next extend the challenge! > As I forgot to pack my book this weekend, if you fought me and want in on the chance to fight in the final tournament at Gryphon's Fest in September, please send me a private message so that I can get your name entered into it. - Halfgrimr Stormtossed >

  • I want to thank [[2]], and Forgotten Sea for great time. [[3]] thank you for a wonderful C&T field. Next time I want to play the sheep game! Sir Duncan ( [Newby]) thank you for fighting with me and helping me learn new things. And great and special thanks to His Highness Duncan Bruce of Logan. It was a wonderful learning experience to fight melee with you. Your knowledge, skill, and encouragement was inspiring! And as always thank you to Donald ([Bullins]) for you guidance as KRM! - Khalil abd i Wahid
  • Greetings from Holta Fjorleif onto the populace of Calontir!

> I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation to all that made my first event at Horse and Falcons a wonderful experience, full of new friends, and soon-to-be friends. I hope to see you all again very soon at Lilies War!

  • I did not post my thank you’s yesterday because I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out. I am sure I still will; please do not take offense if I leave you off this list.

> Horse and Falcon went great. Better than great. And it went great because of all the people who worked and did all the things to make it go that way. > Thank you to [Katona] for being my co-steward, doing all the day-of running around, and for providing the best clean-up crew ever. > Thank you to [Hirotaro], for running the armored combat, [Deaver] for running the C&T, Kitome and Taro for running the archery, and to Eo for making sure that if we’d had horses, that they’d have been well organized, and for being upstanding enough to cancel when necessary. > Thank you to Ysabel for running the lists and so much more, to Aeslin for running water bearing (even on her birthday!), to Anne for being my parking patrol, Svana for running gate, and to [Lyden Harris] for running the children’s activities. > Thank you to my innkeepers and their assistants who volunteered their time and services to make, bring and serve foods so no one had to go hungry. Cathus, Rowan, Fiondel, Aine and her posse, Agnes and Julia and Ali and Kendal. > And thank you to the various people who just worked their rears off to make sure the event happened. Ayisha bint Asad who worked her rear off the entire weekend, Their Excellencies Forgotten Sea ([Soren Abel]and [Abel]), [E Mehling] for updating the website 5 million times even though he couldn’t attend the event, Katheryn for organizing the A&S stuff, all the people who hauled things around for me, and all the people who made sure I didn’t lose my mind. > I also want to thank everyone who attended for their patience at the site and with the parking and camping issues. And those who helped us raise $1,400 for breast cancer research. > I also need to thank my poor husband, Ulfr Thyrison who got roped into all of this because I had a wild idea. Thank you for your support of my crazy plans. > Before this sounds too much like a bad Oscar’s speech, I’ll stop. But I am humbled and in awe of the outpouring of assistance, work and support from everyone. Thank you all. This is why I bleed purple. - Gwen