Three Rivers Birthday Bash

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Summary The Three Rivers Birthday Bash is an event held annually to celebrate the founding of Three Rivers. It is typically held in July and features activities such as games and fighting. A tournament of arms at this event determines the baronial champion for the coming year for both heavy fighting as well as Calon steel. Attendees are generally asked to bring a dish to share for a potluck feast. Baronial court is held at this event and the current king and queen are also often in attendance.

Past Events Date: 23 July 2016 Location: Greensfelder Park 4515 Hencken Rd, Pacific, MO 63069, Dogwood Shelter Royalty

Event Stewards:

  • Finan mac Domnaill
  • Sir Duncan Fearmac MacLeod


Unofficial Court Report:

  • Finan mac Domnaill – Award of Arms
  • Giovanna Canzoniera da Firenze – Torse
  • Jean Paul le Malicieux (Malice) – Calon Cross
  • Carson D’AuxErre – Award of Arms
  • Anton Rhaghelan – Torse
  • Melchor Eichmann – Golden Calon Swan
  • Magdalene von Osnabrueck – Torse
  • Fiondel Songspinner – Calon Cross
  • Eleanor nic Duncan – Torse

Other court news:

  • A boon was begged for Cathus the Curious to join the Order of the Laurel


Comments and Impressions: