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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Various symbols and totems have become associated with Calontir as can be seen in our Arms, badges, awards and order names.


The Cross of Calontir[edit | edit source]

  • The Cross of Calontir is heraldically known as a Cross of Calatrava.
  • It is found on the Kingdom Arms (pictured), the Kingdom Ensign (which is also used as a populace badge and standard augmentation), and multiple award badges including the Order of the Calon Cross.

The story/ies of how it came to be on the Arms of the Kingdom:

  • Per Master Crag:
    • Master Crag: Okay, we had to move shop and now we are sitting under the Purple Pavilion. Jeff, what does it feel like to see the Cross of Calatrava every where?
    • Baron Geoff: I love it, I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! I liked the shape of it, back years ago. To me it was a graceful, pretty cross and I suggested it for Calontir as much for those as the symbolism. Suggested it, no, I almost demanded it for Calontir. And we were lucky enough to get it passed. ...Each of the officers was responsible for coming up with their own award. I did the Cross of Calontir. William of Bellwood was elected Master of Sciences and he came up with the Silver Hammer.
    • Baron Geoffri of Wareine Interview
  • Per Karen Talbot: "The Cross on the original arms was red on a white background, with the laurel wreath (green, of course). It did indeed conflict with real world heraldry.There was a discussion about using the cross on the arms, and people who where not Christian objected."
  • Per Olga Belobashnina Cherepanova: "There were also objections raised as to its historical association with the Spanish Inquisition. Also with the use of a late period style of Cross to represent an Anglo-Saxon based Kingdom."

The Falcon[edit | edit source]


  • From Brock Hanke - A piece of info for you [Ixtilixochitl de los Indios] fighting under the falcon banner for King Chepe. Chepe was the person who originally put forth the idea of the falcon being Calontir's token animal. This was at a Witan meeting during his first rulership (he was a Warlord in the Region or a Prince in the Principality, I forget which, maybe both, but BEFORE the Kingdom). We were trying to decide what totem animal to use, and he just said, "Falcon. I want it to be the Falcon." None of us were really worked up about any of our own choices, so we just said, "OK" and that was it.
  • The Falcon, as noted above, is on the Kingdom war banner. It also appears on the Kingdom War Badge (used by both Calontiri and allies at war), and various awards.
  • The Mews is the official Calontir newsletter, because... it is the Falcon's pen.
  • The Falcon Banner is the unofficial electronic newsletter.

The Purple and Gold[edit | edit source]

  • story...

The Lily and Fleur-di-Lis[edit | edit source]

  • story...

The Demo-Bison[edit | edit source]

  • I had heard, years ago and from some sources, that the need for a warlike totem animal was one of the impetuses behind Baron Steven creating the demo-bison. - Christian d'Hiver
  • The story of Argent, the Silver Demo-Bison is too long for here, and is not my right to pass on. It's Stephen's. My understanding is that the story is currently being written up and will be published. I am not CERTAIN about that, though. - Brock Hanke