Spirits of the Middle Ages (2015)

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Date Grimfells Royalty

Event Steward:

Theme: Webpage: http://www.grimfells.net/wordpress/spirits-of-the-middle-ages


  • Sir DUNCAN McTorkil was the Third winner of the Chamfron competition.

Unofficial Court Report:


Comments and Impressions:

  • I wish to take this opportunity to thank Syr Anton and Lady Alexandra for the patient instruction over the months leading up to the Spirits of the Middle Ages event, where I authorized as an equestrian. Also proper praise ought be given to my mount, Apache, who literally and figuratively carried me through the process. I am in debt to HL Rhiannon for her generosity with this steed of great virtue. I hope to be able to grow in skill to the point that I am a worthy rider of such a fine mount. - Andrixos
  • Had an amazing day at the Spirit of the Middle Ages event hosted by the Shire of Grimfells! Thank you to All members if the Shire for your gracious hospitality! Special thanks to their Highnesses Prince Matsu & Princess Elena, and White Falcon, for allowing me the honor of Heralding their Court! - Brian Robert MacDougal
  • I would like to thank everyone that came out to compete, assist, and watch the Third Annual Chamfron Tournament held here in Grimfells!! Congratulations to Sir DUNCAN McTorkil as the Third winner of the Chamfron competition!!!!!! For the weather conditions we had some great riding. We had 16 riders and 11 horses, three of which were mules. Riders as far from as Moonshadowe (Ansteorra) and the Barony of Three Rivers!! Huzzah!!!! The equestrians showed that they were not just fair weather riders; between rain and drizzle these riders competitive nature came out. In the end we had a three way point tie for first place, and it had to be decided by how much time it took them to complete the course, and that still came down to just 22 seconds between first and second places!! It was some good riding by all!!!

In the history of this tournament the winners have been as follows: 1st year Sir Saito Jiro no Bitchu, 2nd year Sir Anton Von Hagenstein, 3rd year Sir Duncan McTorkil

In Service, Here is a quick picture of this year's prize. Once the final heat treating, padding, and strapping is finished I'll post another picture. Sir Anton Von Hagenstein.