Snorri Bjornsson

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Sir Snorri Bjornsson[edit | edit source]

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Cross Scroll Text:

When Falcon host / was hailed in winter
To hammer in Southern heat
To dare desert sands / and dusty mouths
To fight by the side of the Stag
Snorri Bjornsson / heeded the summons
And followed the warrior's wyrd.

When Falcon host / is hailed in spring
To fight in the fens of the Gulf
To weather winds / in wild wetlands
And show their sturdy hearts
Snorri Bjornsson / heeds the summons
And follows the warrior's wyrd

When Falcon host / is hailed in summer
To war on the eastern plains
To fight in forests / fields and on bridges
While singing the Shieldwall's song
Snorri Bjornsson / heeds the summons
And follows the warrior's wyrd

When Falcon host / are peaceful in fall
Our Ringgivers still require aid.
To handle odd jobs / heavy or light
To ease the load of the reign.
Snorri Bjornsson / heeds Their summons
And follows the warrior's wyrd

When Falcon host / was hailed to Althing
By Ringgivers Matsu and Elena
Snorri Bjornsson / was summoned before them
And Calon Cross placed ‘round his neck.
In great gratitude / for goodly long service
And following the warrior's wyrd.

Done on June . A.S. 51 by Our hands and seal
In Our Barony of Forgotten Sea
At the War of the Lilies
Being 2016 in the Common Reckoning of years
King Queen
Runes: By the lake of smiths, at Lilies war, for the steadfast service of Snorri Bjornsson, ringivers Matsunaga and Elena had this scroll made by Eleanor Deyeson.

Text by Lady Odierne Lyon. (Documentation: This is similar in style to a translation of the Lay of Alvis and to other poems in the Poetic Edda, translated by Lee M. Hollander. )