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Pronunciation guide: sawn'-chuh less-strawnj' Alternate/former names: Saerlaith l'Estrangere Use names: 'You there, with the Hell's Snails!' or 'Is there a way around this dress, or do I need an oxcart and a winch?' or 'Hey, free food!' (I always answer to that one...)

Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • 15th century Frenchwoman living lavishly beyond my means until my husband's inheritance runs out.
  • <;p (That's an emoticon of me in a steeple hennin - world's smallest selfie!)
  • I sew clothing and do embroidery, calligraphy and illumination, ceramics, metalsmithing and casting, and dumpster diving when I think nobody is watching. I play the recorder (poorly), dance (occasionally), and I am not to be trusted in the kitchen!
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History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Timeline:

First event: al-Barran Midwinter Feast, December A.S. 17 Granted arms by their Majesties Trelon & Trude of Atenveldt in A.S. 19, countersigned by Their Highnesses of the Outlands at Grand Outlandish 11. Companion of the Order of the Scorpion, by their Excellencies Stefan & Beau Marishka at the Midwinter Feast, A.S. 21 Companion of the Order of the Argent Hart, by their Highnesses Aelfgar and Bronwyn at Grand Outlandish, A.S. 22 Companion of the Order of the Laurel, by their Majesties Christopher and Cymber of the Outlands, A.S. 23; medallion bestowed by Mistress Julia of the Forest, scroll by Master Hieronymus the Sarabite. Outlands Champion of the Arts and Sciences, A.S. 24 Baroness's Order of Patronage, by her Excellency Gwendolyn of Three Rivers at Winter Court A.S. 52 Link to Calontir OP -

  • Groups and Affiliations:

Current Group: Barony of Three Rivers, Kingdom of Calontir Previous Groups: Barony of al-Barran and Shire of Drygestan (Outlands); Barony of Fettburg and Province of the Silver Desert (West); Barony of Shattered Crystal (Midrealm)

  • Offices: (accuracy of all dates subject to dubious memory and the obscuring mists of history.)

Fretty Pursuivant, A.S. 19-22 White Stag Principality Herald, A.S. 24-26 Third White Stag Herald of the Outlands, and later, Rampart Herald Vermine Herald in the Outlandish College of Arms <;p (ask, I dare you...) Honorary Troll <;p (don't ask; you'll be glad you didn't)

  • Classes taught: Heraldic Display, The High Gothic Hat, Renaissance Majolica, Simple Clothing for the Sartorially Challenged, Medieval Inlaid Tile, Cutting Quills for Calligraphy.
  • and probably some other stuff...

[edit | edit source]

Other Information[edit | edit source]

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Rat out a Friend[edit | edit source]

From Melanie de la Tour: I sent a wooden chest home with Sancha so that she could fix a broken hinge, and it came back with my arms painted on the front and both ends. Sancha has mad skills!