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Rosalie Langmod[edit | edit source]

  • Pronunciation guide: Rose-ah-Lee LahnG-Mode
  • Alternate/former names: Rosalye of York
  • Use names: Rosalie

Persona:[edit | edit source]

  • 14th Century English. My persona was born in Yorkshire in 1290. My device is a descant on my name, roses in my favorite color, purpure, and a tribute to my real family crest, which also hails from Northern England.

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Timeline:
    • Horse and Falcon, 2011: First Event.
      • Ostwald II and Kaye II were the first Crown to Whom I swore fealty.
      • Queen’s Prize Tournament, 2011: First Entry: a fourteenth century cotehardie. Meh. It was the third thing I’d ever sewn.
      • Clothier’s, 2012: I received my Award of Arms.
      • Clothier’s, 2013: I taught my first clothing classes on constructing Thorsbjerg Trousers and Four Panel Cotehardies. I also became a Golden Calon Swan.
      • Clothier’s 2013: I entered six hand made early fourteenth century headwear accessories including a barbette, three types of fillets, a Birgitta Huva, and a trapezoid veil. My judge was a skeptic about the trapezoid veil, but by the time she finished reading my documentation, she was convinced.
      • Birthday Bash, 2014, I received a Baronial Patronage from Baroness Slaine for my work in medieval headwear.
      • Queen’s Prize Tournament, 2014: I entered a surcote spired by the Tatmouth Hours. It was handsewn wool with wool thread and silk facing. Unfortunately, I got sick two days before the event and had to send my entry with my sponsor.
    • Link to Calontir OP - [[1]]

  • Groups and Affiliations:
    • Current Group: I live in the territory of Three Rivers, but my group affiliations are to Cum an Iolair and Forgotten Sea
  • Other service:
    • Horse and Falcon, 2012: Head waterbearer. Group Troll Coordinator for B3R, Lilies, 2013. Largesse Cooordinator for Gryphon’s Fest, 2013, and Chieftain’s 2014. A&S Class Coordinator for Chieftain’s, 2014. Mock QPT Coordinator for B3R, 2014. (Ask me about putting one together for your local group!)
    • I composed the Boga Fyrd scroll text for the reign of Xerxes and BelAnna.
    • Spring, 2017: I assisted in the finishing of a gown for Queen Ashland de Mumford. (Neckline facing, hem-casing, and sleeve-buttons.)

Gryphon’s Fest, 2017: I wrote a scroll text in Middle English and Chaucerian meter for Emeline de Moulineaux’s Silver Hammer.

    • Kris Kinder, 2017: I made the 13th century sleeved cyclas for the elevation of Giraude de Benet.
  • Classes:
    • Thorsbjerg Trousers: Taught at, Clothiers, 2013 and 2014, Lilies 2013, Gulf Wars, 2014. I wrote this class in 2013 and polished it in 2014. In 2016, I was researching to make sure my handout was up to date and was surprised to find the most of my searches led me to images taken from my handout. Here is a link to the updated handout: [[2]]
    • Four Panel Cotehardies: Taught at Clothier’s 2013 and 2014, Lilies 2013, a work shop in B3R in 2013, a private workshop in 2016, and Fall RUSH in 2016. Due to the breadth of the class, I will only teach this class in a workshop setting. Handout can be found here: [[3]]
    • Hat Tricks!: This class stemmed from my QPT documentation. I’ve taught it at Clothier’s, 2014. The hand out is being updated.
    • 15th Century German Gowns as Clumsily Imagined by Rosalie: Taught in a workshop in August, 2016. My friends wanted to know how to make a German gown so I taught myself how to teach it. Handout Here: [[4]]
    • The Look for Less: I keep trying to teach this class, but every time I’m about to, I get sick and have to stay home. Hand out is here: [[5]]
    • Round Table for Judges and Entrants: Held at Kris Kinder, 2016 and Spring Crown, 2017. I served as the moderator for the discussion and formulated the questions.
    • QPT Q&A: Taught at Feast of Eagles, 2017. This class is designed to educate and encourage prospective entrants to QPT. It worked on my first class, at least. [[6]]
    • Sonnet Construction: Taught at Lilies, 2013.
    • Middle English Pronunciation: Taught at Lilies, 2014. This class is actually a lot of fun. I don’t use a hand out for this one.
    • SCA Etiquette: Co-Taught with Lady Adelaide Sarsfield at Feast of Eagles, 2017. If you‘re interested in learning the most attractive way to curtesy or bow or you’re trying to figure out how to greet whom or why we bow to empty chairs, flag me down.

Other Weirdnessses and Enjoyments:[edit | edit source]

I sing. A lot. I’ve written six original songs (one with a borrowed melody), filked three songs, and parodied three songs. I also know couple extant songs in Middle English and French, play the violin, the tin whistle, and am doing pretty well on the Mandolin.

I love medieval hairstyles and accesories. If you ever need help making your hairdo match the rest of your outfit, come find me!

Other Information[edit | edit source]

I don’t do the Booke of Face, but I post stuff about my crafty-pursuits and sundry throughts on my blog:

Kingdom A&S 2018:

  • For anyone interested, here are links to my documentation for my three Kingdom Arts and Sciences tri-levels entries. 
  • I didn’t get a video of my vocal performance, but there’s a link to the video of my bardic performance in the documentation. There’s also a link to the Flickr album for my in-progress photos for my Fourteenth Century Hood entry. —Enjoy!

'My Lady Mother’s Guide to Introducing Your Children to Re-enacting' -

Feast of Eagles 2019:

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