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Mistress Roise ni' Ullachain[edit | edit source]

Roise Caitlin oh'Leichain, Roise O'hUallachain

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Persona:[edit | edit source]

The original persona that my name was based on was 14th century Irish, but I have been working to move to a Viking persona.

My Viking persona was born in the year 1011 AD and lived in the Danelaw (England) during the rule of Cnut the Great. She was the eldest child of her father, a Dane who was part of Cnut's forces, and her mother, who was the daughter of a landowner living in Wessex, near Glastonbury.

When she was young, she met and fell in love with a promising young warrior and they were soon wed. Eventually, he was rewarded for his service and given land and title.

I first got involved with the SCA in 1987 after hearing about it from co-workers (Rorik Galbraith) while I was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. The costumes and the fighting really drew me in. I've always loved to read fiction and at first that i what this seemed to me. I wasn't really into the history aspect of it until later.

I've tried my hand at lots of different activities in the SCA. When I first started, it was fighting and sewing. I've also done some brewing and infusions, for which I was awarded my Silver Hammer. About fifteen years ago, I learned how to work glass. I was one of the co-founders of the Lampworking Guild in our Kingdom. Now we have a tent at Lilies every year where we set up twelve to fifteen torches and teach classes to anyone who is even vaguely interested in learning.

Service has been a major factor for me starting with my very first event (Twelfth Night '88), were I volunteered to help serve feast. Since then, I have helped with almost every aspect of running an event, a well as staff for Lilies, and held several Baronial offices. Also, my husband and I were Baron and Baroness of the Lonely Tower for five years. About ten ears ago, I was given the honor of becoming a Pelican for my service to the Kingdom and a little over two years ago was again honored when I received an Augmentation.

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