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Afon Ddraig, Shire of - Per saltire sable and gules, a sea-dragon erect within a laurel wreath argent

Bull Pitte, Shire of - Azure, seven roundels two three and two argent, the centermost Or, and on a chief argent two laurel wreaths vert

Carrefour, Shire of - Or, on a saltire azure another argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert

Dragonstone, Shire of - No Arms Registered

Dun Ard, Shire of - Or, a triple-towered castle within a laurel wreath purpure

Elkshire - Per chevron sable and argent, two elk's heads, erased and respectant, argent and a laurel wreath vert

Feasting Cranes, Shire of the - No Arms Registered

Flaming Pillars, Shire of the - No Arms Registered

Houndsford, Canton of - Barry wavy argent and azure, a talbot passant within a laurel wreath Or

La Grande Tente, Shire of - Or, a pavilion purpure between three laurel wreaths vert

Loch Bheathrach, Canton of - Argent, a sea-serpent ondoyant, in chief two laurel wreaths vert, a base wavy barry wavy vert and argent

Loch Meadhonach, Shire of - Azure, five roundels argent in annulo within a laurel wreath, a chief embattled Or

Longridge, Shire of - Per bend sinister Or and vert, a sun within a laurel wreath counterchanged

Pont du Nord, Shire of - Azure, a tau cross throughout argent, masoned sable, between two laurel wreaths Or

Shallow Waters, Shire of - Quarterly azure and vert, a peacock close reguardant bearing in its claws a fish embowed within a laurel wreath argent

Swordhold, Shire of - No Arms Registered

Thousand Hills, Shire of - Per fess wavy argent and vert, a laurel wreath vert and a fountain

Warrior's Rest, Canton of - Argent, a castle sable within a laurel wreath vert, in chief three boar's heads erased gules

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