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17 September 2016 Heritage Assembly of God, Des Moines, IA Royalty: TRH Logan and Ylva

Event Steward:


Unofficial Court Report:

> Thaddeus Ellenbock – Silver Hammer > Ogawa Matajirou Ujimori – Leather Mallet > Verena Näherin – Calon Lily > Aesileif Jotunsdottir – Award of Arms > Rowan del Wiche – Golden Calon Swan > Cathus the Curious – Laurel > Viga-Valr viligísl – Silver Hammer > Æsa Jarnauga – Award of Arms > Amalie Helena Hasselbring – Award of Arms > Alyce “Apple” Night – Leather Mallet > Marius Lucian Fidelis – Laurel > Sawbina Fahy won the Queen’s Prize. > Margarette von Rothenburg won a prize from Her Majesty the Queen for her youth entry. > Her Majesty gave honorable mentions to Andromir Vukovic and Anna Plantyn. > A Boon was begged that Honorable Lady Neathery of Safita be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. > The new Kingdom Chronicler will be Countess Conna ingen Ui Chearbhaill. > The new Kingdom List Minister will be Mistress Brialen Ulfsdottir Vikings. > A Boon was begged that Honorable Lady Catrijn vanden Westhende be elevated to the Order of the Laurel.


> @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157670892167363 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157674143838526 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157673026447110 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157670884375774 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157670894449603 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157670885664074 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157673077898851 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157674148107816 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157670899763133 > @https://www.flickr.com/photos/vilhelm_lich_photostream/albums/72157674152940506

Comments and Impressions:

Entrants, Sponsors and Entries:

  • Abbatissa neyn Iohne - Fiondel Songspinner - Cooking, Single Dish - Bread History and the Making of - I will make several period bread recipes for tasting and show how I baked the bread in a roman bread oven. I also hope to have some different recipes as hand out for everyone so they can the go home. I am even thinking about making either flat bread that day or maybe fritters for people to eat. I will bring yeast remains from a brewing of wine to show it was used to make the bread. I will have a document of the history of bread though the years.
  • Adelaide Sarsfield - Sibilla Swaine - Painting - Painted Wall Hanging - In the 1400's, painted linen to cover bare walls were common. I will recreate one of these painted wall hangings for display at events.
  • Aelin Kausi - Mathurin Kerbusso - Embroidery - Embroidery from the Book of Kells - Silk embroidery on a red canvas bag. Image is from the Book of Kells.
  • Agnes von Heidelberg - Gwen a'Brooke - Dyeing - A Variety of Shibori Pieces - A number of pieces showing a variety of Japanese shibori techniques. Most using traditional Japanese dyes. Where possible the items will be actual functional pieces either as traditional Japanese wrapping cloths or actual garments.
  • Aleidis Zophilare - Rowan Houndskeeper - Cooking, Single Dish - Two 15th Century Sweets - A selection for comparison of two honey based candies from "Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks"
  • Aleit de la Thomme - Shandrake Vale - Clothing/Costuming - Viking Tunic - I will be presenting a hand sewn linen viking tunic loosely inspired by the Skjoldehamnfunnet find.
  • Alyce (Apple) Night - Rochwen Morwenna - Material Preparation - Period Puppet Construction Experiment - I am working on construction of puppets and marionettes in period. Problem: most extant ancient marionettes are of made of clay, next to no extant puppets exist; so what materials do we use? Quickest and least expensive would be rags and glue to form a type of mache. This entry is attempting to find the right combination of period materials in order to eventually construct a good period puppet.
  • Amba Allrasystir - Comyn Hrothwen - Weaving, Band/Tablet/Inkle - Beginning Inkle Weaving - Introduction to inkle weaving: the history, looms, patterns with examples. I've only made about 10 bands, so this pretty basic stuff.
  • Ameline de Coity - Fiondel Songspinner - Painting - A Survey of Period Painting Techniques - A display of the different painting techniques on varied surfaces used during the medieval period between the 5th and 15th century. There will also be samples of period pigments.
  • Andromir Vukovic - Katherine von Heilige - Metalwork - Metal Roman Soldier Utensil - Making a metal Roman Utensil used for preparing, serving, or offering in a religious mindsight of food/beverage.
  • Anna Plantyn - Katherine von Heilige - Spinning - Purposeful Hand Spinning - This project shows hand spun yarn created for a specific project/purpose. The same roving was used to create yarn for knitting three-fingered gloves and embroidery thread. This project used the same roving and two different weighted spindles in order to produce the yarn and thread. I produced yarn to make knitted work gloves and embroidery thread for embellishment of a tunic.
  • Antonia Stefani - Winnifred d'Artois - Clothing Accessories - 16th Century Italian Chopines - I will be making a pair of chopines, a type of shoe worn by Italian noble women in the late 1500's.
  • Arina Aldea - Rowan Houndskeeper - Embroidery - Jane Seymour's Blackwork Cuffs - This project is to be a replication of Queen Jane Seymour's cuff that is seen in a portrait taken by Hans Holbein the Younger between 1536 and 1539. Along with this project will be images of my progress along the way and documentation to support the reasoning behind my decisions in this project
  • Aveline - Isadora of Orangewood - Clothing/Costuming - Girl with a Unicorn Dress - Dress inspired by Raphael's portrait of a young woman with a unicorn that he painted circa 1506.
  • Caitilin ingen Aengusa - Jorunn Eydisardottir - String Manipulation - Naalbinding Socks - Nalbinding socks using the Oslo stitch with various methods for creating the heal portion. Entry will also include mistakes and their fixes as well as repairs.
  • Caitlyn ferch Rochwen - Rochwen Morwenna - Clothing/Costuming - Hand Sewn Tunic - A child's linen tunic, hand sewn.
  • Caterine le Jeune - Gyda Glora - Clothing/Costuming - Late Period Irish Overdress - A late period Irish overdress based on the painting of an Irish woman and girl by Lucas d'Heere.
  • Catherine Rose - Slaine ni Chiarain = Jewelry Jewelry - I want to try painting with period pigments and eggs or gum.
  • Cecelia de Gatisbury - Magdalena Vander Meere - Dyeing - An Exploration of Pigments Used in Medieval Block Printing - I have conducted a study of different recipes of period pigments (i.e. ochre, iron oxide) used for block printing fabric during times and places during the Middle Ages. In addition to a demonstration of the different results, I will create a series of block printed towels inspired by extant towels, and those found in illuminations.
  • Cera in Fheda - Conna ingen ui Chearbhaill - Spinning - Several skeins of yarn made from different fibers to show how the fiber produces different yarns.
  • Damien MacGavin - Gwendolyn verch Morgaine - Miscellaneous Science - Pilgrimmage Pack - The entry will be a pack, contained with items that would be commonly carried by a person traveling on pilgrimage. This will be focused primarily on the fabrication of the items contained in the pack and secondarily on the arguments for why those items would our would not be carried.
  • Da'ud ibn Ibrahim al-Sisari - Duncan Eardstapa - Games, Toys, & Dolls - Chaturaji: a 4-player Chess Variant from India - The origins of modern chess lie in a family of games from medieval Persia, India, and China. Chaturaji is a variant for four players where moves can be controlled not by player choice but by the roll of dice. In addition to presenting the history and rules of the game a board and custom pieces will be created.
  • Duncan of Skeene - Lucian Fidelis - Research Paper - Building a National Identity Through Myth: The Prose Edda - The Prose Edda, or the Younger Edda, is a work that was written in the late thirteenth century. "It has long been assumed that the learned and quarrelsome Icelandic chieftain Snorri Sturluson is the author of the Edda." Christianity had become the dominant religion of Iceland just 200 years prior to the writing of the Prose Edda. The Prose Edda was written to remind the Icelandic people of their mythological past.
  • Emeline de Moulineaux - Conna ingen ui Chearbhaill - Jewelry - 13th Century Engraved Gold Ring - A reproduction of a 13th century gold finger ring that was engraved with a religious prayer
  • Emma Underfoot - Gyda Glora - Painting - Block Printed Sari - Emma wanted a sari for Cattle Raids, and she wanted it pink and pretty. We discussed block printing and she liked the idea. She picked out a stamp and tried it, however she preferred the stamps HE Seraphina had so she ended up using a mixture of stamps. Emma is 5.
  • Eva Celensoen - Gillian Warrender - Footwear - 14th Century Turnshoe Boots - I have made low boots of the turnshoe construction. They are based loosely on boots from the 1970 & 1980 Dordrecht evacuations.
  • Faustus Cantilus Lupus - Isengrim Sleggja - Metalwork - Cast Wolf Brooch - A 2nd century zoomorphic brooch of the style popular throughout the Roman world.
  • Gawin Kappler - Issabell St Charles - Miscellaneous Science - Unarmed Defense Against Dagger - This entry will be a demonstration and explanation of the various defenses against a dagger to be employed when unarmed based on the historic manual, Fior di Battaglia written by Fiore Di Liberi in the early 15th century.
  • Gilana Peregrina - Jehanne Benning - Cooking, Single Dish - History of Cake - A brief history of cake, from the Viking dish (and word origin) "caca", to the more decadent Renaissance fair. Will include a basic timeline and baked samples from different eras and cultures.
  • Gwir DeDdenbyck - Aidan Cocrinn - Illumination - Illuminated Scroll - An Award of Arms scroll illumination and calligraphy using the guidelines of Claire Travers' book "Beginning Illumination Learning the Ancient Art Step by Step"
  • Hirakawa Kagetora - Dorcas Whitecap - Metalwork Bronze Dagger - Reproduction of a bronze dagger found in Luopioinen, Finland, circa 1300-300 BC. Cast as one piece with bronze alloy smelted from copper and tin, poured into a period, hand-carved soapstone mold.
  • Isabella de Erbiere - Eadweard Boicewright - Miscellaneous Science - One Fleece, Many Projects - I have one fleece, in which I am spinning, dying, and weaving . Then felting and dying another portion. I want to explore how one fleece could be used in different ways and how this particular wool might be best used. The projects will all be donated as largess.
  • Isibel inghean Daire - Roise ni Ullachain - Embroidery - Clothing Embellishment - Decorative stitches along seams and hems of clothing
  • Isobel MacDonald - Katherine von Heilige - Clothing/Costuming - Male and Female 15th Century - Matching 15th Century German Clothing, Landsknecht and Cranach Gown.
  • Joan Myssenden - Elynor of Glastonbury - Embroidery - A Blackwork Handkerchief - Blackwork handkerchief, worked in silk on linen, based on three extant examples from the end of the sixteenth century.
  • John Bowyer - Shandrake Vale - Weaponry - Shield - I will be entering a heater style shield constructed to period techniques utilizing period fastenings, glue and coverings. Additionally I will be strapping it according to period styles.
  • Juliana della Rena - Ishmala bint Yuhannah - Needlework - Beadwork in Two Forms: A Comparison of Techniques - I will be submitting two small beadwork entries. The first will be a pouch done in the 13th century gridwork style found in many of the possessions of Fernando de la Cerda. The second will be a pouch made utilizing 16th century Rus pearlwork. In addition to comparing the two styles, I will also be integrating different period materials into each piece to compare their effects.
  • Kainen Brynjolfson - Gyda Glora - Leatherwork Birka Wallet - Kainen has made a reproduction of the remains of a partial leather wallet from Birka Grave 904 (Sweden) with interwoven strips of leather overlaid with gold found in Birka Grave 904. The wallet is made in black goat skin, fur, gold gilded leather lacing, and waxed linen cord. He will provide documentation, pictures, and research to go with.
  • Karl Munch - Marie du Puy - Beverages - Nutmeg Mead - This is a simple mead using lemons and nutmeg for flavor along with the standard water, honey, and yeast. It has been aged for just over a year as of the Tournament.
  • Khalil Abd'l Wahid al-katib - Sorcha ni Mhaolain - Poetry - Praise Poems - In honor of individuals who have won awards I will write praise poetry in their persona's style.
  • Ki no Kotori - Giraude Benet - Clothing Accessories - An Examination of Zukin - A few attempts at making Zukin é -å·¾ (hoods, most often worn by Buddhist nuns) based on my research.
  • Konstantia Kaloethina - Sibilla Swaine - Jewelry - Roman Intaglio - Roman intaglio carving using carnelian.
  • Lasair nic Taillier - Johanne of Fisher Gate - String Manipulation - Naalbinding Socks - Pair of knee high nailbinded socks, using handspun Icelandic wool.
  • Lillian Bowyer - Marguerite des Baux - Clothing/Costuming - Norse Lady's Clothing Ensemble - Norse under dress with tablet weaving, embroidery and metal decoration. Norse Apron dress with tablet weaving. Embroidered ceremonial panel
  • Logan the Bowyer - Kateryn de Develin - Cooking, Single Dish - Hard Pretzels - An examination of Hard Pretzels using a basic dough recipe, altering the flour, and basic dough conditioners.
  • Maddoc Izzyson - Eadweard Boicewright - Needlework - Needle Felting Critters - I will be making several critters by needle felting them
  • Maegwyn verch Bleddyn - Ruaidhri ua Ceallaigh - Miscellaneous Art - Late 15th/Early 16th Century Silk Flowers - These Silk flowers are constructed of silk thread, wire, and vellum, reproducing a form of ecclesiastical art produced in the Low Countries during the late 15th and Early 16th centuries. I have also made a much- simplified (and miniaturized) version of the type of wooden reliquary cabinet in which they were displayed. There is some evidence to support secular use of these flowers earlier as well, so to that end I have reproduced a metal hairpin (probably 14th century, there is some controversy over the age of the original) which I speculate may have served to accommodate wearing them in the hair.
  • Magnus Anskegg - Winnifred d'Artois - Weaponry - Viking Knife and Sheath - Bone and silver handled knife (blade is commercial blade) Leather and silver sheath
  • Margaret of Hollingford - Dejaneira de la Mille Coeur - Embroidery - German Brick Stitch Covered Box - A small wooden box covered with German brick stitch embroidery based on examples of small reliquaries and pyxes from the 13th to 15th centuries in Germany.
  • Margarette von Rothenburg - Slaine ni Chiarain - Painting - Painting with Period Pigments - I want to try painting with period pigments and eggs or gum.
  • Miklos Farma - Dolan Madoc of Harlech - Poetry - Nine Poems for the Nine Muses - Nine different poems. Each poem dedicated to one of the nine Muses. Each poem in a different style. A work in progress, as I find some of the Muses to be difficult to match to a poetic style.
  • Moire inghean Neil - Thora Sigurdardottir - Poetry - Word Fame - A Norse style poem providing word fame.
  • Nakos - Gwen a'Brooke - String Manipulation - Kute-Uchi/Japanese Loop Braiding - A bottom up braiding project. Hand spun banana fiber, hand dyed, and braided on a hand made Japanese footbeater.
  • Nathaniel Lennox - Elizabeth Darnley - Leatherwork - Leather Shoes from Coppergate, York - A pair of shoes derived from a pattern of shoes found in Coppergate, York, accompanied by a brief compare/contrast of modern tools used in their construction vs period equivalent.
  • Nest ffynnon - Roselyn of Aberdeen - Pavillions - Tent - a canvas roman-style wall tent with side poles
  • Nutmeg of Flinthyll - Jaida de Leon - Woodwork - Wooden Tool Box - A wooden tool box for holding her wood working tools.
  • Ogawa Matajirou Ujimori - Gwen a'Brooke - Cooking, Single Dish - Salted Fowl, Preserved in Oil - I will be presenting a preservation technique for keeping fowl in oil. The recipe I will exploring is found in "The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi".
  • Pepin - Catrijn vanden Westhende - Clothing/Costuming - Merovingian Clothing - An outfit comprising of pant, under tunic, over tunic, and possibly a cloak done in the Merovingian style.
  • Rose of Arden - Cathus the Curious - Metalwork - Cast Iron Tokens for Cathus' Vigil - I will be doing cast iron tokens with lanterns on them for Cathus' vigil and my entry.
  • Sawbina Fahy - Alan Smythe of Darkdale = Material Preparation - Beeswax Bleaching - Sun bleaching beeswax to make it whiter and more readily available to accept dyes. This is done in preparation for use in encaustic painting, cosmetics, and sacramental candles.
  • Seraphima Iaroslava Suvorova - Hugh du Puy - Woodwork - Wooden Box - Pine box with dovetail joins. Painted finish/decoration.
  • Seraphina Brugari - Vaclav Semjaka - Clothing/Costuming Hand Dyed and Printed Sari - I will be presenting a hand dyed and printed 6 yard sari. This is in the tradition of the Chola empire, from what is modernly known as India.
  • @Sigurd Godwinson - Eleanor Deyeson - Archery Equipment - Leather Archery Equipment - Goal is a leather bracer, finger guard, and linen quiver with leather spacers. Not sure if all will get finished. Or maybe finish all that and something more - but all archery equipment
  • Tarique ibn Akmel - Jawhar ibn Akmel - Cooking, Remove Cooking - Roasted goat with root veggies different cheeses and breads
  • Tigernach - Thora Sigurdardottir - Beverages - Tigernach's Mead - A variety of mead that I make.
  • Tigernan Flann - Gyda Glora - Clothing/Costuming- Man's Tunic - Around 9th-10th Century pea soup green hand-sewn men's tunic.
  • Tola Rufusdottir - Roise ni Ullachain - Archery Equipment - Archery Quiver - Leather archery quiver based on the Hedeby finds.
  • Verena Naeherin - Galen MacColmain - Clothing Accessories Corset of Pfalzgrafin Dorothea Sabina - The corset as an independent foundation garment emerged at the very end of SCA period, and at the time was limited to fashionable and wealthy women. The Pfalzgrafin Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg was buried wearing a silk bodice in 1598, and this item was later described in detail by Janet Arnold in her Patterns of Fashion 3. This project recreates a bodice or corset in the same style and with similar details as Dorothea's, though proportioned to my own figure. My recreation is in silk taffeta with cotton/linen canvas lining and interlining, silk binding, and artificial whalebone and is entirely hand sewn with silk and linen thread.
  • William Fletcher of Carbery - Esther bat Moshe Archery Equipment Longbow 42 10:50 AM Dammo Utwiler Eynon Llangenydd Galen MacColmain English D style English Longbow. Hand made from wood stalk and hand tillered.
  • William Radulfus - Dolan Madoc of Harlech - Painting Silver Hammer Wood Scroll - The entry is a wood board 12" wide by 24" long incorporating a prepared rectangular block area of white gesso for calligraphy writing and an additional gesso prepped box area below that bearing a modified goache painted copy of Hartmann von Starkenburg from the Codex Manesse. The painting is that of a blacksmith hammering to shape a helmet. My intent is to present this entry as Silver hammer GOA scroll as largesse to Calontir. In addition, with their Majesties recommendation and permission, a skilled calligrapher can be enlisted to create the specific wording of the scroll. In this way I can also share my work with another skilled worker in a different medium, greater notice
  • Ximena Echeberria - Gracye Lokwode - String Manipulation - Lucet Cord Sampler - I will display sample-size lengths of different types of lucet cords, and some of the different ways we can use lucet cord.
  • Ysabel de la Oya - Marguerite des Baux - Cooking, Single Dish - Seed Cakes 57 10:00 AM Fiondel Songspinner Gwyneth Espicier Jaida de Leon Yeast based seed cakes.
  • Zafara Baabur - Jehanne Benning - Illumination Illuminated - Music Manuscript Non Nobis - I was inspired by Calontir's singing of Non Nobis. As the Calontir version is from a movie about the Battle of Agincourt, I am recreating the modern version of the song to make it look like a song written in illumination in the year 1415.
  • Zaneta Baseggio - Kristine nic Taillieur - Embroidery Embroidered Italian Camicia - Embroidered chemise sleeves based on extant 16th century Italian examples and using a period design.
  • Zarra bat Uziel - Giraude Benet - Clothing/Costuming Heraldic Garb - A blue wool sideless surcoat with two white lilies and a blue dragon embroidered and appliqued onto the skirt to mirror my device. To complete the outfit there is a blue linen cotehardie.