Queen's Prize 2014

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13 September 2014 Shire of Lost Moor (Central High School, St. Joseph, MO) Royalty: Queen Gwen and King Agamemnon in attendance.

Event Steward: HE Ishmala bint Yuhunnah, OL Master Scheduler: HE Rebecca de Beaumont, OP

Approximately 105 entrants, including 18 (?) youth entries.

Queen's Prize Recipient - Severin Svensdottir Queen's Prize Runner-up - Lord Andromir Vukovic Queen's Prize Youth - Zeb

Judge's Choice - Sir Thadeus Ellenbock A&S Ministers Choice - Lord Jurgen Witer von Lanstul


Comments and Impressions:

  • Halldora Gudnirsdottir - "De-garbing last night after returning from Queen's Prize, carefully setting down each of the treasures I wear as part of my garb, it occurred to me that each piece is a physical reminder of friendship, love, or esteem from many wonderful members of our beautiful Kingdom. Each one has a story, and a meaning, physical reminders of why I love this thing we do so very much. This, after a day of being amazed and astounded by all the talented people and all the beautiful things. It was the perfect realization to end a day so perfect that my face hurt from smiling, my arms were tired from hugging, and my heart was full to overflowing. Thank you, Calontir, for all your talent, your art, and most of all, for all of you!"


  • Tanaka Ujimori - "Calontir! You have created great works to honor your Queen. You all poured your hearts and souls into your work, and it shows.

> I was honored to count myself among the artisans, and proud to see the positive reaction to my pickles. > Most of all, as seems to be Calontiri custom, I was welcomed with open arms and greeted with kindness. > Calontir, continue to honor your Queen and Crown with the work of your hands, and the works of your hearts. > The first few months of my SCAdian life have been nothing but encouraging and wonderful. Thank you all." > >

  • Khalil abd i Wahid - QP:T was great thank you all for a good time..

> First thank you to John Kostisin, [Karr], and Dorcas, who is not on " The Book of Face" for listening to me for 45 minutes. You're feed back was very helpful. I hope to be singing the song soon. Some one please tell Dorcas that she has challenged me and I am going to start practicing a basic rhythm for song, so I can drum and sing, wish me luck. Thank you[Montecino] for the pennant it is going on my banner pole when my banner is done. It meant a lot to me that it was you who chose to honor me with a gift, blessings upon you. And the last....Sir Thaddeus Ellenbock, I thank you so much. It is gestures such as yours that help inspire those of us who are still relatively new in the SCA and the Kingdom of Calontir. I while honor and cherish the ring and it will stand as an example to pursue what I love in the SCA and to improve that love constantly... > Peace be upon Calontir, > Khalil >

  • Ysabel de la Oya - I had such a great time at Queen's Prize this weekend and it inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try something besides cooking. I've been spending the past two nights attempting to do some basic embroidery. I visit the craft store today to pick up some yellow and black floss and the clerk looked at the colors and asked me "Iowa or Mizzou". I am vaguely aware that is some sort of college sport so I just respond "Calontir" and smiled. I got quite a chuckle out of that.
  • Ishmala - What a glorious event Queen Prize Tournament was! I am so very proud of all of our artesans! As I wondered through the hall yesterday there were so many of the entry's that inspired me, I have a whole new list of things I want to do. To the judges, thank you again for the giving of your time and talent. Rebecca ([Rogers] ) did a wonderful job as the master scheduler, Thank you to Juliana for all of your extra behind the scenes help, and to Kitta and Gyda for all of their help manning the check in table. I can't wait to do it again at Kingdom Arts and Sciences! Ishmala