Purple Pavilion

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Royal Pavilion Floor, 2018 edition

The Purple Pavilion, also called the Royal Pavilion, serves as the kingdom living room at foreign wars, and as a meeting area for the Crown.

There is now a tradition of hand-painting the canvas floor of the pavilion.

The original painted floor with four panels (and thus 4 mottoes, in Anglo Saxon) made its debut in... The current floor (6 panels, original mottoes translated Latin with two new ones added) was painted and presented at Chieftains 2018 and was used for the first time at...

The mottoes on the floor express general values of Calontir and not, for example, Baronial mottoes:

  • A manu cornu Calontiris ad manum traditur. From hand to hand the Calon horn is passed.
  • Laborem aliis linquere honorem nullum habet. There is no honor in leaving work for others.
  • Hic historiae in fabulis et carminibus narrantur. Here tales are told in song and story.
  • In exedra Calontiris, valeatis. Be in good health in Calontir’s high hall.
  • Cum omnes heroi sunt, heroes non requiruntur. No need for heroes when all are heroic aka "No Heroes".
  • Comites, requiescite, nam tute ad domum veniebatis. Rest, Kinsmen, for you’ve come safe home.