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In this year of great plague, heralds continue to work...

One-time Events[edit | edit source]

CalonCon Zoom Meeting - 27 June 2020

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2020 - 11-12 July in Australia, 10-11 July 2020 here

Late Summer Virtual Heralds Retreat - August 29th

  • Roundtable - Favorite Courts, bonus points for video? the new Scope of the SCA?
  • Games - Blazon Race (Dorcas), Name that Charge! (Giovanni), heraldry themed Words with Friends?
  • Classes - Using The Complex Search Form (Dorcas)

Recurring Events[edit | edit source]

Internal Commentary Meeting - 4th Monday of the month, hosted by Zaneta Eyas [Not recorded]

External Commentary Meeting - 3rd Thursday, hosted by Dorcas and Giovanni? [Do not record]

  • Announce letter/s in advance to allow time to prepare (coordinate with Red Hawk)
  • Designate a recorder for comments to put in OSCAR on behalf of the group
  • Have a plan to authorize new OSCAR access

Heralds' Farble vs. New-ish Heralds Orientation series - monthly on the 3rd Sunday evening

  • Optional 20 minutes of organized presentation to anchor otherwise freeform discussion, Q&A ?
  • One month focus on Admin Heraldry, the next voice heraldry, etc. ?
  • Technie volunteer handles the hosting, while herald focuses on the presentation/discussion?

Potential Instructors[edit | edit source]

  • Dorcas - 3rd Thursday best
  • Giovanni - Sunday, Monday, Thursday
  • Gotfrid - Sunday
  • Hugo - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Konstantia - Monday, Tuesday
  • Sofya - 1st & 3rd Wednesday best
  • Zaneta - Sunday, Mondays best

Google Meet "Premium" is free through Sept. 30th (up to 250 participants). It is also free for any SCA officers with emails, since the Kingdom has a G-Suite account managing those.

Zoom "Free" can host 2 participants indefinitely (1 on 1), and over that # for 40 minutes.

Potential Technical Hosts[edit | edit source]

  • Brigida - Zoom Free...
  • Dorcas - Google Free, 3rd Thursday best
  • Giovanni - Sunday, Monday, Thursday
  • Gotfrid - Sunday?
  • Sofya - Zoom Pro, 1st & 3rd Wednesday best
  • Zaneta - Google Meet, Sunday, Mondays best

Monday evening

  • Instructor/s: Giovanni, Hugo, Konstantia, (Zaneta)
  • Tech Host/s: Giovanni, (Zaneta)

Tuesday evening

  • Instructor/s: Hugo, Konstantia
  • Tech Host/s:

Wednesday evening

  • Instructor/s: Sofya (1st, 3rd)
  • Tech Host/s: Sofya (1st, 3rd)

Thursday evening

  • Instructor/s: Dorcas (3rd), Giovanni, Hugo,
  • Tech Host/s: Dorcas (3rd) Giovanni,

Friday evening

  • Instructor/s: Hugo,
  • Tech Host/s:


  • Instructor/s: Hugo, Sofya
  • Tech Host/s: Sofya


  • Instructor/s: Dorcas (PM), Giovanni, Gotfrid, Hugo, Sofya (PM), Zaneta
  • Tech Host/s: Dorcas (PM), Giovanni, Gotfrid, Sofya (PM), Zaneta
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