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HG Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten, RIP[edit | edit source]

also Ostwald Konrad Riese Toten .

Persona:[edit | edit source]

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    • Services July 10th at Forsyth United Methodist Church. Wear green and white.
    • Augmentation of Arms at Chietains on February 25th, 2017.
  • Link to Calontir OP - http://op.calontir.org/persona.php?p=3521

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Other Information[edit | edit source]

Remembrances:[edit | edit source]

  • I've been hesitant to share my feelings on Duke Ostwald's passing because I didn't know him personally. Nonetheless, he's my Forever King: he impacted my life and I know that if I don't add to his legacy in my own way, I'll regret it...

> The first time I bowed to Royalty at an SCA event was when I was returning to site at Lilies XXV. I didn't have an SCA name, I was wearing a pair of jeans and a blouse since I'd come from work, and a couple wearing crowns came into view on the road. I stepped to the side to give way and curtseyed nervously. They both smiled and the Lady said, "Thank you." > The Royals were Prince Ostwald and Princess Kaye. Over the next nine months, they became the first King and Queen I saw Crowned, the first Crown I swore fealty to, and the Crown that awarded me with arms. More than that, they were the first Royals who noticed me or spoke to me, and they were nice to me. I was brand new to the SCA, an absolute nobody, yet the King and Queen always had a warm smile and a kind word for me. > And I loved them for it. > Hearing Ostwald say before the Kingdom that he could not and would not rule without Kaye warmed my heart, brought tears my eyes, and forever shaped the way I viewed chivalry in the SCA. Seeing the warmth in Ostwald's eyes when he looked at his "most precious treasures," (their children) made me smile and I often think of it when I look at my own precious baby. > I remember how my heart ached to see the pictures of my King being carried from the field at Gulf Wars. Calontir had become my home with two people leading the Kingdom, two people shaping the way I viewed the Crown and the SCA. Now, four years after I bowed to that King and Queen for the last time, I look back and see that I have bowed to the Crown since then, but during the six months that Ostwald II and Kaye ruled the Heartland, I bowed to a King and Queen... My Forever King and Queen. > Despite this, I won't remember Ostwald enthroned and crowned... I will remember him kissing his wife and comforting his children when their mother received her last unanswered blow before being declared a knight. I will remember watching him pray with Kaye at her elevation, and I will remember the man who was always kind to nervous new girl. He helped shape my Dream of the SCA simply by living his life, by loving his family, and by sharing his light with the world. I am grateful beyond words for that. > My Forever King has gone to be with the our Heavenly Father and I can think of nothing sweeter for knight than to stand in the Court of the King of Kings, but I will always miss seeing him guard the Falcon Throne. Lady Rosalie Langmod

  • I got the chance to talk to him at the end of St. George in May. I told him how much he & Kaye are appreciated, what a joy it is to be around them and what a great job they had done raising such wonderful kids. We talked for a bit & he told me how very proud he was of his children & how they always had fun while helping. He said, don’t get me wrong, they’re normal kids {implying that they were maybe slightly less than perfect} but I’m very proud of them.

> Jeff Otswald Fox was always working, helping, playing, laughing, teaching & loving. It is my belief that he is the personification of a man, husband, father, brother, king, instructor, student, listener & friend as he tirelessly worked at all of these. He always had ‘something left in the tank’ for whatever or whoever needed it. The love honor & respect he showed for his wife Kaye seemed to only grow. He respected her & maybe more importantly, he liked her & it showed. > There is so much we had yet to learn that he could teach; so much to see that he could show; so much to share that he would do. I morn the loss of a great man to whom I will never measure, but was blessed to know & had the opportunity to call him friend. Our hearts & prayers go out to his family. I am here Kaye to help in any way I can. Kids to practices, shopping for you, Marla & I will entertain the kids, help with anything you need not just at this difficult time, but whenever you need. It breaks our hearts that this tragedy has happened to such a wonderful family. We are praying for you & are at a loss as to what to do. You are not alone. - Gwydion

  • I have heard many of u speak of this great man's worth. [Ostwald Fox]was a great warrior and teacher and friend, but to me he was so much more. This great man saw something in me years ago and took me from a angry goalless soul and molded me into a man of conviction and temperance. I have striped to learn from him and be more like him for years and still consider myself so far from the shining example he was. I vow to you my friend I will continue to strive to be an example and to carry on the ideals you have taught and shown me, may u continue to guide my actions and soul in a direction that is worthy of your name. To your family whom I consider myself lucky to be in any way associated with if ever you find urself in need in the slightest of ways, do not hesitate to call on me for I will be there no matter the cost. My dear mentor your loss is greatly felt. Eric Thorsen
  • The underlay for Ostwald's Huscarl medallion.Originally, I shot this one with #165, but Ostwald couldn't make it to crown and that number went to Damien MacGavin instead. I took it back to work, chucked it in a lathe, turned the outer ring down .010" and then shot it again. Its the only time that i ever corrected a medallion instead of just doing it over. - James Patterson
  • Ostwald, you've always been a man of conviction and lived the virtues. You are missed. I will always strive to live the ideals as you did. - Hirsch Eichmann
  • Often in the SCA, our royalty take on larger than life throne personas. Gestures are larger, voices louder and more boisterous, smiles wide and almost overwhelming.

> Duke Ostwald was different. He spoke to be heard, but it never felt like he was projecting. He smiled in a way that was very human. And where many Crowns come off as constantly boisterous, he had this air of seriousness and gravity that he brought to his role as King that always put me in mind of Shakespeare's Prince Hal after he becomes King and is forced to grow up. > Later, after his second reign, I had the chance to interact with him more personally and learned that behind that seriousness as King was a genuinely kind man with a wicked sense of humor. I even got to see his temper once (not directed at me) and realized how very even keel he kept himself in public. He took being King, and then Count, and eventually Duke seriously, but with a lot of joy. And there was something positively beautiful in his expression when he looked at Kaye and his children. > We are accorded ranks in the SCA for our deeds and works. Sometimes you meet someone, and you give the title the respect the person didn't particularly live up to. Duke Ostwald Konrad von Riesetoten was His Grace in every moment that I knew him. Life, and the Dream, is a duller place for his absence. Requiem in Pace, my good lord. You will be missed. - Aline Swynbroke >

  • One of my favorite memories of Duke Ostwald was during an A&S competition... (I don't remember if he was king at the time, but I don't think he was). For those of you that don't know me, I do scribal work, which is as far from fighting as you can truly get. But Ostwald came by, saw my entry and sat down and talked to me about it for a good 30 mins.. I could tell that he didn't know a lot about period painting, but he had such a desire to have a serious conversation, and through that conversation I think we both were enriched by the different ways we looked at medieval art, medieval warfare, etc. Ostwald was warm and charming, inviting you to talk with him with a quiet and patient smile and manner. I will never forget how he took an interest in something I am passionate about and sat with me to understand it. His interest made me feel special, like what I was doing was appreciated.

> How do you find the words to say goodbye to such a good man? My heart is crushed for his family and close friends... May peace be delivered to you swiftly.... > All my love - Violet SinclairBeing >

  • The last year has been rough for me and mine, with far too many losses among family and friends. I had hoped that this trend had finally passed.... but it was not meant to be. Our Calontir family is losing another valued and respected member. I never had the opportunity to call His Grace Duke Ostwald von Riesetoten (Jeff Fox) an actual 'friend' but I spoke with him on several occasions and had many opportunities to witness his respectful and chivalrous actions. He will be sorely missed. My family and I send our love and support to Kaye and the children. - Soren atte Raven
  • I knew HG Otswald through Youth Combat, and he made my events fun and great! He always had great ideas for the kids to fight, and a smile on his face. I wish i had known him better, he was a great man.

> Rest in Peace, Your Grace. - Fretjolf Elgrrsonr

  • I have a great number of exceptional Ostwald stories, which should be unsurprising as he was an exceptional man. Last night I related one of my favorites, a story he told about beating up a man with a moose. It was not only the incredible circumstances, but the way that he described the event that captured it in my heart forever. - James Patterson
  • On opening Sunday of Lilies, Fionna and I trudged to the parking lot. We were joined on our
    pilgrimage by Jeff Fox, who had doffed the vestments of our fellowship, and explained that he had surrendered the vacation days he normally spent at Lilies in order to take his children on a "grand expedition" to National Parks. I believe he mentioned the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but the details of the itinerary paled in comparison to the intent. Kaye was to be entering a demanding path of schooling, and he feared that this was the last summer the kids would be able to enjoy such an adventure in wide eyed joy. Thus he sacrificed his war, arriving only to put up the newest Royal Pavilion, a task he had handled for years with calm efficiency, and to welcome another into the Order of Chivalry. As else of the War he sacrificed for his beloved children.

> We discussed technical details concerning the new Pavilion, and he assured me that the presence of a minor, persistent, flaw meant this Pavilion matched the previous one precisely in terms of measurements, and would serve well. But in this he was in error, for no more will the Pavilion, or our fellowship, be blessed by his presence and quiet guidance. In this, our Pavilion and Realm are lessened in every measure. - Andrixos >

  • Not just a friend but a man who was an example to us all, in the real world way, not just SCA. Heartsick. - Vince Zahnle
  • Soul of Calontir

> The falcon flies a little higher this day, though he has a great burden to bear. > One can not see the weight as he soars and darts high through the air. > Special cargo he is wielding to assist the valkyrie brood, > To Valhalla he speeds with a warrior, kind and true and good. > Only a bird of such noble birth is prepared for just such a flight. > The soul of our fallen warrior requires the greatest of might. > The Calon host will sing his praises and we shall mourn our loss. > Through songs and stories, love and laughter, he shall ne'er be forgot. > They say that Calontir is a tribe, and we bleed the purple true. > Our Kingdom is lesser now, our tears stain it a deeper hue. > Simple words, from a humble bard scratched through sadness and tears, > Soar high, and right, and true good Falcon, You carry a soul of Calontir. > For His Grace - Maegwynn Attewode >

  • I did not know His Grace Ostwald as well as many others did, but I know how very loved he and his family were, and still are. Whenever I saw him and Her Grace Kaye on the field, I was struck by the sheer beauty of their shared smiles. Everything about them spoke of pure grace, long before they ever earned the titles of Their Graces. Their garb, their dedication, their kindnesses - I don't believe I ever heard a bad thing spoken of either of them, nor of their children.

> And I will never forget being called up at Valor XXXI, when he presented me with my Torse. I was honored and humbled that day, and I am not ashamed to say that when we sang at 50th Year in his honor, a mere hour after learning of his passing, I was weeping. > Farewell, Your Grace. You have earned your place in Valhalla. May you raise a horn of mead with the Einheriar forever more, and may we one day meet again in that blessed hall. - Johann Steinarrson >

  • A "slip" of a girl, with a heart-warming smile, and the ability to get ALL the other kids to follow her lead happily. A boy with serious eyes and a startling sense of humor. You can tell volumes about an adult, by knowing his children. HG Ostwald's children are gems in our midst. My heart breaks for them, and for their mother.

> May he rest in peace and rise in glory. And may they, in due time, be granted peace and solace. - FiondelOstwald's

  • I woke up to sad news that [[1]] passed away... Rest well sweet prince... and may flights of angels guide you to light... To his family, my deepest condolences, and my thoughts and prayers for comfort... Know that he was admired and loved... - Amanda Coldcastle
  • Six years ago I began a seven month long surprise for Kathryn with my proposal. This was just a few days before we knew for sure she was pregnant. Many friends and family helped me prepare gifts for my proposal to her at Lilies. My Squire Brother/Uncle was King that year, his first reign, and took time from his very busy Lilies schedule to be there. It was a complete surprise to Kathryn as she thought it was a private party. And now he finds himself being admitted by Cerebus to the Elysium Fields. May he find himself at the Ilse of the Blessed, a place reserved for those heroes that have been granted entrance to Elysium three times. For surely Ostwald's heart was truly lighter than a feather. - Nakos Theodorosides
  • As I sit here in mourning for my friend and instructor His Grace Otswald many memories are flooding through my mind. Many times on the battlefield I would see his figure that demanded respect. Many times he took me aside gave me instruction.Where have you gone my friend I can't see you but my heart still feels you. A light that helped me find my way has suddenly faded and my world is a much darker place. The thought of not seeing him on the battlefield really hurts too the very core of my being. His Grace gave me courage he gave me instruction but most of all he gave me friendship. May you rest in peace my friend you will be missed by all.😓 - Tarique
  • You never know how far your influence travels. Sometimes we are lucky enough to take a quiet moment to tell the people who matter to us, who influenced us to be a better version of ourself, how they inspired us. Sometimes... Sometimes it is small, a smile of appreciation to you on a hard day, sometimes it is a helping hand when you need it... Sometimes people breathe new life into a dream you felt was slipping away... Today I lost someone who inspired me to be a better me, who helped me see that the dream that is honor and Chivalry is meaningful and full of promise. He was my king, he was a teacher and he was a student, a fighter and in a game where service can be invisible he would stop and say thank you. Just being on the edge of his sphere of influence, He inspired me.

> My heart breaks for those who were closest to him. - Apple

  • Tonight this comes to mind:

> “I have lived my life, I have fought my fight, > I have drunk my share of wine; > From Trier to Cöln there was never a knight 15 > Led a merrier life than mine. > (@http://www.bartleby.com/270/8/16.html ) On March 9 Duke Otswald had posted:" God's not dead." I find solace in that. I send prayers for comfort to all who loved him. - Mary Harden Pickard

  • TheI don't have a long personal memory to share about HG Ostwald. Only that he was so wonderful to my children, as was his beautiful wife, her Grace, Kaye, when they were learning Youth Combat at Lilies XXIX. Anytime someone is lost from among my S.C.A. birth place of Calontir, my heart hurts for those who knew him best.

> My very first S.C.A. event was at Horse and Falcon when HG Kaye was knighted. Calontir is my heart, wherever I roam. Godspeed, Your Grace - Aymeriga del Cross >

  • Today a great man and teacher is lost. One whom I always held in the highest esteem, and wanted to learn and grow, from his words and actions. That, along with other news received today, makes me wish I could hold all I treasure and love, close and safe. So, Calontir, I hold all of you in my heart tonight, and should I be needed, know that I am here. - Ffelix Aeskilson
  • My heart breaks along with the heartlands. - Gabrielle Underwood
  • A few years ago Winnifred, my boy and I were on our way home from a kayak trip in Arkansas. While driving home the luggage rack securing the boats came loose and tossed the boats on the highway. A nice gentleman stopped with his truck to help us get the boats off the interstate and into a parking lot. At that point, with a broken luggage rack, we were stuck.

> I called Aaron Pinkham who lived in the area but due to circumstances he was unable to help but said he'd call somebody. After a bit, Ostwald showed up. We had known of each other for years but we were not "friends" and we didn't hang out together yet he took time out of his weekend to come help us out. > He hauled and stored the boats for us for several weeks until I could get back down there to get them. Not sure what we would have done without his help. Just wanted to let folks now of another good deed he had done. > Good luck...hang in there and I'm hoping for the best for you and your family. - Magnus Anskegg >

  • As Duke Eringlin and Sir Sato prepared to face each other in the tilting lyst [at SCA 50 Year], they rode to the Calontir section and raised a cheer for Duke Ostwald. - Andrixos
  • Þar sé ég föður minn,

> Þar sé ég móður mína, og systur mínar, og bræður mína. > Þar sé ég röð ættmenna minna frá upphafi. > Þau kalla til mín og bjóða mér stað á meðal þeirra; > Í sölum Valhalla þar sem þeir hugrökku munu lifa að eylífu. > The Falcon has lost another beautiful feather from its plumage today. While it can never be replaced, new feathers can eventually grow out. We bear today the pain resulting from the loss of one of our own, but tomorrow, the next day, and the days that follow we surely have a most shining and chivalrous example for our Calontiri Eyas to emulate when they eventually take wing. > Rest easy, your Grace. Your word fame shall not pass, nor shall you truly be gone from our hearts and memories for so long as we live and lift up our horns to you around the hearth-fires. WASSAIL!!!! - Gotfrid von Schwaben >

  • I recall His Grace Ostwald as an exemplar of the Chivalry, a fine gentleman and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable student and teacher of the ancient sword arts. I remember getting to judge/observe one of his swordsmanship presentations and his impressive depth of study. Watching him fight, watching him put his knowledge to use, was a joy to witness. I wasn't close enough to consider myself his friend, but he had my deep respect.

> He is gone from our company too suddenly and too soon. My condolences to all who knew and loved him. My sorrow and my prayers are with you all, and particularly with those closest to him who will feel his absence most keenly. > It is times like this that remind me, starkly, that tomorrow is not promised. Be good to each other. > -Iamys >

  • If we could all be together to sing... I might feel a little better - Issabell St. Charles
  • We sang a lot yesterday at 50 Year. Non Nobis many times. Warrior's Wyrd many times. Burden of the Crown. Fyrdman on Campaign. Requiem for a Huscarl.

> Dolan sang Reign for all Time with Ostwald and Kaye substituted in the lyrics. > We also did Cruiscin Lan with all of us drinking mugs of water. Ostwald did not drink alcohol. > Then we went around the fire circle telling stories about him. > There was more. I don't remember it all very well. I alternated crying and numbness. > But yes, we sang and will again. - Rhodri

  • The only words I can think of. Sing tonight Calontir. Thank you, Duke Ostwald. - Jonathan Hogue

158x158pxNon nobis domineNon nobis domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam. Performed at the end of the battle of Agincourt in the movie Henry V

  • I sadly never met the good man for which you all mourn. It seems I missed a wonderful opportunity to meet such an amazing soul. The only thing I can offer, is something that comforts me in a time of great sorrow and loss. - TrishyWishy

> "“When he shall die, > Take him and cut him out in little stars, > And he will make the face of heaven so fine > That all the world will be in love with night > And pay no worship to the garish sun.” > ― William Shakespeare >

  • Oh, dear friend, tell me where have you gone?

> For I'm raising my voice to you tonight > And I look back on the days when we raised our voice in laughter > And we sweetly slept to the songs we sing > Oh, dear friend, tell me where have you gone? > For I'm raising my sword and shall not yield > And I fight in your name, and I will have no shame > If for you I shed my blood upon this field > Oh, dear friend, tell me where have you gone? > For I'm raising my voice to you tonight > And I look back on the days when we raised our voice in laughter > And we sweetly slept to the songs we sing > Oh, dear friend, tell me where have you gone? > For I fear that I may have lost my way > And we all need your calm in the darkness of storm > And I wish that you were by my side today > Oh, dear friend, tell me where have you gone? > For I'm raising my voice to you tonight > And I look back on the days when we raised our voice in laughter > And we sweetly slept to the songs we sing > And now you sweetly sleep to the songs we sing > Calontir, forever home, I love you all - Adalyde >

  • My heart breaks for my friends and the loss of a truly amazing heart and soul in Calontir. While I may not keep House there and have not for many years, my hear and soul are there with you, mourning the passing of yet another light in our midst.

> Yet, life must continue. Remember the love, remember the lessons, the songs and the stories, pass them on and teach as he would have. To honor such a man is to keep his story and his love alive through each of us. > No Nobis Domine. Grant him peace. Grant him grace. Lean on each other Calontir. Know you are all My family, loved and missed and from far away, I mourn with you. - Erzebet Fauconneau > >

  • I dont really remember fighting against Ostwald. I am sure we did fight. Of course we crossed swords. That's how I know he was better than me at stick swinging. He took to this all pretty quickly. I remember when he asked if not having a red belt was gonna bar him from the Chivalry. I told him he was fine and had more knights than a handful of squires would have. Lots of us saw the knight he was. I was glad to be a part of begging his boon for knighthood. I do remember fighting at his side. I was glad to serve him as his champion. Not many people would I spend cartilage for to go back to Pennsic after a 17 year hiatus. I just saw him the other day and I am glad for that. I will miss you my friend. Everything seems broken now. - Angus of Blackmoor
  • To Honor His Grace

> > Dear Grim Reaper, I’d like to warn > That I won’t run like most > I will not flee, I will not hide > This is not a proud boast > It’s not a threat or challenge > Just a promise what’s to come > When we are face to face, this Warrior > Will not succumb > To fear, to doubt or regret ‘cause > For years I have now walked > The path that so many have only > Dreamed and wished and talked > I know you wait until some are > Breaking down and quite old > Know regardless of my grey > I’ll always be this bold > Come for me while I’m still strong > In muscle and in mind > Come for me before my ears > Go deaf and eyes go blind > And though the outcome’s definite > I only have one goal > When I do battle with you, it’s > To exact a great toll > I do not doubt your victory > But I assure one truth > If you come for me while I am > Still in my years of youth > When you are finished, you will have > To stop and take a breath > You’ll know it was a Warrior > That has just battled Death > See you somewhere down the road > On that cold, lonely night > I’m not afraid for I know it > Will be my last good fight > ~Miro - Kevin Wooden >

  • "I grieve for the passing of Duke Ostwald. I'm sending my thoughts to Kaye, Dani, and Keldon. I didn't know them very well, but Ostwald and Kaye's kindness and generosity of spirit pervaded each and every reign they had. I know what a wonderful father Ostwald was because I've seen Dani and Keldon act with that same generosity and kindness. I've spoken to Ostwald because he stopped at my QPT entry table, because he thanked me for performing a service, because I was nearby as retinue for Hirsch and Magda. I was not a close friend or a confidant. And he always had a gentle word and an easy smile for me. He made each person feel important and enriched. He was an inspiration." -Annora Reyner