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These are notes from a workshop at the Spring Heralds Retreat in 2019 - please see Kingdom Law for the official rules

Order of March is not the same as the Order of Precedence.... somehow...

In creating an Order of March, the precedence may be modified by, for example, putting a territorial baronage ahead of the others when the procession is within their own barony.

It may also be modified to accommodate the needs of the event at Their Majesties' event.

Inspired by Ansteorra:

The Order of March determines how a procession would march in precedence order towards the Crown. A gentle’s place in the march is determined by their highest rank and the date that rank was received. The gentle with the higher rank enters before those of lower rank. If two gentles have the same rank, the one that has held that rank longer enters first. For visiting Monarchs, Crown Heirs, Coronets, and Territorial Baronages, the date of the group’s elevation is used.

  1. Visiting Monarchs
  2. Calontir Crown Heirs
  3. Visiting Crown Heirs
  4. Visiting Coronet and their heirs
  5. Duchies
  6. Counties
  7. Viscounties
  8. Bestowed Peers (Patents of Arms)
  9. Calontir Territorial Baronages
  10. Visiting Territorial Baronages
  11. Thegns of Calontir (during the reign of the bestowing crown)
  12. Great Officers
  13. Calontir Grant Orders
  14. All other Grants of Rank (Simple Grants of Arms and all foreign Grants of Arm)
  15. Court Baronages (rank above standard AoAs in Calontir)
  16. Calontir Awards of Arms Orders
  17. All other Awards of Arms (Simple Awards of Arms and all foreign awards and orders carrying Awards of Arms)
  18. Important non-armigerous awards (Sword, Keeper, Childrens awards)? At their majesties whim?
  19. No Order of Precedence but...? Rose, Kings Favor, QED, Iren Fera, past Thegns
  20. ...
  21. ...
  22. ...
  23. ...
  24. ...
  25. ...
  26. OAFs