Ogawa Matajirou Ujimori

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Lord Tanaka Ujimori[edit | edit source]

Pronunciation guide, alternate/former names, use names, etc. (aka little Uji)

Persona:[edit | edit source]

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History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

  • Timeline:

When started in SCA Significant events since then (competitions, championships, tourneys, first event, etc.) * Warrior Child, May 10, 2014 in Coeur d'Ennui - First event * Yule Court, December 6, 2014 in Coeur d'Ennui - heralded first full court Link to Calontir OP - http://op.calontir.org/persona.php?p=4361

  • Groups and Affiliations:

Current Group: Coeur d'Ennui Previous Groups: na Guilds, Households, etc:

  • Offices:

Local Offices: Regional Offices: Kingdom Offices: SCA-wide Offices: Other service: Court Herald

Other Information[edit | edit source]

"Food Preservation 101" class that I taught at Harvest Home

For more specific information (such as metrics regarding various pathogens), please refer to the "Salted Fowl, Preserved in Rendered Fat":

Other pathogen-related information can also be found in my on-going series on various pathogens:

Rat out a Friend[edit | edit source]

Comments after heralding his first full court:

  • "We are glad to have you with us...and people with talents, such as yourself, should be recognized. We give praise freely when it is deserved...and you deserved it. Nice work."
  • "You did an awesome job. Though the thing I am still trying to figure out is why I felt more crowded behind Her Majesty when you were heralding than when Rhodri was doing so."