Nikolena Martinovna Popriadukhina

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Rat out a Friend[edit | edit source]

Greetings friends in Calontir! I am THL Rannvaeig from the Middle Kingdom and I bring you word fame for your glorious kingdom from mine. Yesterday I attended an event in the south of our Kingdom called Candlemas. While attending this event I had the great honor and pleasure of meeting several members of your populace. These wonderful people not only went out of their way to visit our Kingdom and attend an event but while there they volunteered to retain for the assorted Royals who were in attendance and offer their support and service wherever they might. Having come and visited your fair and wonderful Kingdom to attend Lilies War several times I know your people to be kind and generous. The spirit of service that flows threw your populous is unmatched and I am honored to call many of you my friends. I am honored to have the ability to bring these good deeds to you and look forward to visiting you my cousins in the very near future. With heartfelt thanks and Admiration!

Your in service: THL Rannvaeig Eskilskona (aka Raven) Acting Head Retain and Chamberlain TRM Middle Kingdom Candlemas XVIII (The visiting Calontiri included HE Eowyth, Mistress Nikolena Martinovna Popriadukhina, and Sir Richard.)