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Lady Nest ffynnon[edit | edit source]

  • Pronunciation guide: Nest fun-un
  • Alternate/former names: Alais Outremer
  • Use names: Nest

Persona:[edit | edit source]

Nest lives in rural Wales, near modern-day Carno, during the eighth century. She is the self-appointed keeper of a holy well, maintaining the spring, and serving those who come for healing as best she can. The water has been known for centuries to have healing properties, and may be either drunk, or bathed in.

This particular spring is not dedicated to any particular saint, nor any one ailment. Some wells are good for healing eyesight, and others for fertility, etc. This well gives healing of many sorts, and gives strength to those who ask it. Soldiers, especially, come to drink the waters and pray before battles, and to heal wounds afterwards.

Nest lives near the spring in a wattle hut (slowly being rebuilt in stone). She maintains her gardens (herbs and food), and raises sheep for wool, cheese, and meat.

The word ffynnon means well or spring, so I take my name from my place of occupation. Nest of the spring.

My device is a daffodil, a national symbol of Wales as daffodils traditionally begin to bloom on St David’s day, St Dafyd being the patron saint of Wales. The blue background represents the water in the spring, and the white border is for the stone lip I have built around the edge of the spring to prevent the sides from collapsing as visitors climb in and out.

Daffodils are not native to Wales, they were imported by the Romans as part of their medical kit.

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

I was interested in the SCA while in college (early ‘80s), but the nearest group was 100 miles away and therefore out of my playing range. I made garb for my friends, and a cape for myself. The friends have all dispersed, but I still have and wear that cape.

I discovered in 2003 that there was now a local group, and started playing. My first event was Spring Spears, in Calanais Nuadh. My second event was a newcomers RUSH in Bellewode. My third event was Lilies. I was hooked.

My very first Queen’s Prize entry was a quiver woven of reed and twine. Since then I have entered QPT and KA&S almost every time. Twice I entered clothing (a linen t-tunic, and a silk cyclas), and once a tent, but mostly it has been baskets. Some were total disasters, others were not.

I have been teaching classes at Lilies for years, and more recently at Gulf Wars. I have taught beginning sewing (seams and stitches), beading techniques (peyote stitch and brick stitch), and basket weaving.

My tithes to the crown have mostly been cords for award medallions, but I have also gifted coifs, shoulder bags, and cloth dolls.

When I first started weaving baskets I was told specifically NOT to tithe baskets, since so many tithes arrive in baskets, the crown has more than they know what to do with. So I was surprised at one competition when someone told me “You don’t tithe enough.” I explained to the person that I tithe, just not baskets, and why.

Groups and Affiliations:[edit | edit source]

The only group I’ve played with, so far, is the Shire of Calanais Nuadh in Calontir. I am not in any households or guilds.

Offices:[edit | edit source]

  • Local Offices: Seneschal, MoA&S, Exchequer
  • Regional Offices: Calontir North Regional Exchequer