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Fiondel:[edit | edit source]

My first out-of-town event was the first Calontir Crown Tournament. I was wearing a very bright pink, bridal satin gown. It had snowed as though all the snow in the world was coming down in that ONE spot. I was walking from my car, carrying a pair of "break down" chairs, a big basket, a small cooler (with a shawl over it! I was so proud of myself!) and a couple of other things. And struggling, in my ballet slippers. A man I had never met, and whose name I do not, to this day, know, shouted to me, "M'lady...a moment...please, allow me to assist." He took *everything I was carrying, and escorted me across the parking lot, somehow manging to carry all of that and STILL offer me his elbow to hang onto , so I didn't slip. We got into the building, he stacked everything very neatly for me, and then took off his hooded cloak (which had been pulled down all the way to his eyes.) That's when I saw the crown. And the belt. And the Pelican medallion. Never knew who he was, and never *really* got to thank him, for giving me such a very positive first impression.

Next Person:[edit | edit source]

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