Masters of the Duel 2017

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22 July 2017 Location Royalty

Event Steward:



Unofficial Court Report:

  • On the field:

> Ayisha bint Asad – Stile Fyrd

  • Evening court:

> @Eyfríðr Geirsdóttir – AoA > Øyríkr Raðúlfsson – Torse > @Brynjólfr Fálkason – AoA > @Catriona ingen Fháeláin – Torse

  • Other court tidings:

> Lord @Øyríkr Raðúlfsson won the Unranked Tourney. > Lord Finán mac Crimthainn won the Masters of the Duel Tourney. > Some Chivalry and Laurels swore fealty. > Honorable Lord Donald Andrew MacDonald announced that Masters of the Duel will be in @Oakheart next year. > 3 newcomers received mugs. > Some populace members swore fealty.


Comments and Impressions: