Masters of the Duel 2014

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22 November 2014

Barony of Vatavia Royalty

Event Stewards: Karl zum Drachen and Corrigan MacKenzie

Theme: A day devoted to education on the basics of Calontir Steel Cut & Thrust Combat.


  • An Armored Combat Round-Robin tournament
  • Combat lessons for those new to Calontir Steel, as well as an advanced class for those already proficient
  • The Calontir Steel Swiss Five Tournament(every fighter has five matches, a different weapon style each match, victor determined on points)
  • Cooking, persona development, and Cut & Thrust-appropriate garb classes.


Comments and Impressions:

  • Masters of the Duel was a huge success for our first C&T college. We of Calontir should feel proud. I know I do. While we didn't get to keep our Masters sword we were complimented by our distant cousins in Outlands. Not a lot of places have colleges just for C&T as of yet and it puts us slightly ahead in that category. We enjoyed having them out and hope they will return. We also had a lot of landed hats out. It was good to see our closer cousins of Calontir show up to support the first C&T college of Calontir. I want to thank you all for your support and for coming out. - Karl zum Drachen
  • Muahahahahaaaa!!! Other than my boots KILLING my feets, Masters of the Duel (an SCA event put on by the Barony of Vatavia) was a fantastic time. I didn't fight quite enough, but it was enough that I had to take some breaks because I was getting too tired to be safe.

> I learned some things. I learned what I don't know. I learned what I need to work on (blocks into Guardia d'Alicorno). Fun times!! - HE Gabriel Kjotvason