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Welcome to the completely unofficial Calontiri Wiki![edit | edit source]

The purpose is to:[edit | edit source]

  • Help to get to know our fellow Calontiri better - interests, skills, personas, put names to faces
  • Make it easier to submit well-informed award recommendations
  • Help bring distant parts of our Kingdom together
  • Let our various guilds and households make their own easily updated place on the web
  • Give Calontiri merchants another venue to spread their craft
  • Be a place to find the stories and songs that explain what it is to be Calontiri
  • Others?

For now, this wiki is public. Anyone can edit pages. Public access will change if the privilege is abused.

Please do not undo the work of others (although feel free to correct spelling mistakes and obvious formatting problems). Make comments or discussion posts if you think more drastic changes are needed.

Please do not put copyrighted material on this wiki unless you have the rights to it. If you see something here that you believe is in violation of copyright, please inform the "owner", sofya at heraldshill dot org

As an unofficial page, we will not be needing releases (Model, Photo, Content). But be honorable and get permission before you add someone else's creative works.

Adding a Page about yourself:[edit | edit source]

  • Send an email to sofyalarus at calontiri dot info or FB Lisa Sofya Kies to request a page
  • Fill in the information about yourself.
  • If you want to add an image, you'll have to upload it to the wiki first, then place it on the page.
    • Use the "Upload File" link in the bottom section of the left sidebar.
    • Put your edit cursor in the place on the page where you want the image.
    • Click the "Embedded File" button on the edit bar (the little picture to the right of the big A button).
    • Put the name of your uploaded image in the command line that appears
    • Images will look best if you align them to the right.
  • After you've saved your edits, "categorize" yourself appropriately. See below.

A note about Categories:[edit | edit source]

  • "Categories" are how the wiki will be able to list people with like-minded individuals on the same page
  • Category tags should be placed using the appropriate tab in the Edit window, or at the very bottom of your page under the Edit Source command
    • Using the Edit Source option, each category must be listed separately and be included in double brackets as [[Category:*whatever*]]
    • For example, if you add the command "Category:Scribe" to the bottom your page, then that page will automatically be listed on the Scribe category page with everyone else.
  • If you add the "Category:Silent Heraldry" to your page, then you will be listed with everyone else who is tagged.
  • Categories should probably be more generic rather than more specific - so use "Category:Music" rather than "Category:Vocal Music", "Category:Weaving" rather than "Category:Cardweaving", etc.
    • A&S categories are based on the official categories in the Kingdom Judging Criteria, somewhat simplified, eg. Dance instead of "Dance Performance, European"
    • Award/Order categories are based the official name of the Order, eg. "Silver Hammer"
    • Group categories are just the name of the group, eg. "Vatavia" NOT "Barony of Vatavia".

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

Corrections[edit | edit source]

Requests for corrections and editing assistance may be sent to sofyalarus at calontiri dot info or Lisa Sofya Kies on FB. Or one of the other members.