Lycurgus Loke de Loch, RIP

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From the Calontir Armorial

HG Lycurgus "Loke" de Loch[edit | edit source]

aka Lucurgus de Loch al-Barran, Lycurgus de Lock

Persona:[edit | edit source]

History in the SCA:[edit | edit source]

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In Memorium[edit | edit source]

His Grace passed at 12:45 pm, December 13th 2014, with a sword in one hand and loved ones at his side.

==For Lycurgus, by Master Andrixos==
post by rdeaver
A noble man of passions strong,
From freshest bloom of youth.
He made his path, oft right, oft wrong,
But spoke unwatered truth.

Chorus: He drank of life much more than most, And savored 'til the end So lift your glass and say a toast To Duke, to Knight, to Friend.

Two neighbor realms this man did share, Outlands and Calontir. The Stag amd Falcon's heart laid bare. Each kingdom sheds sad tears.

He is now free from struggles all, From pain, from toil, from strife. Though he did fight the Reaper's Call, Too large he was for life.

For each man Death shall call his name, When comes the end of time. But 'ere I live I'll sing his fame 'Til I find for orange a rhyme.