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General Information[edit | edit source]

Known World Historic Combat Studies Symposium[edit | edit source]

The SCA's first ever Known World Historic Combat Studies Symposium will be held during the opening weekend (Fri June 7 - Monday June 11, 2019) of Lilies War (Fri June 7 - Sun June 16).

The symposium will provide a series of focused classes and hands-on workshops focused on the A&S side of medieval and renaissance combat. These topics include, but are not limited to the study of historic combat techniques - including aspects that cannot be done as part of SCA marshal activities; military history; and the creation of armor, weapons, archery equipment, and equestrian equipment. For guidelines on historic combat as a form of A&S, please refer to this document:

Fighting activities (rattan, fencing, and archery) will emphasize historic aspects of SCA and attendees will also be welcome to join Calontir for everything that the Lilies War has to offer.

Research Paper Competition[edit | edit source]

The SCA has come to cover a vast stretch of human history: all the years before the seventeenth century, all across the world. A wonderful myriad of cultures have thrived in that long time span, and the SCA gives us all opportunities to sample - or drink deeply - from the experiences and examples of these long-ago peoples.

Write a short research paper about a slice of history you find particularly enthralling. It could be a culture, an event, an individual, or a particular historical development.


  • Keep your entries to roughly five pages or 2,500 words
  • Include your sources in some manner (c'mon, half the fun of reading papers is chasing down new sources)!
  • ENTRY DEADLINE: 11:59PM, Sunday May 26th
  • Submit papers to Hugo van Harlo

THE PRIZE: A Half-Price Books gift card will be awarded to two winners: one Mallet, Swan, or below, and another to a Laurel, Lily, or Hammer.

JUDGING/FEEDBACK SESSION: Wednesday 1:00-3:00; Entrants will be contacted with a specific time slot, but everyone is welcome to come be history geeks together at this time. Winners will be announced at court.

LOCATION: Bull Woods' camp kitchen (across from the showers and Heralds' Point, aka Laurel Holler)

JUDGES: Three awesome research-loving, history-geeking-out-on, paper-reading, friendly neighborhood Laurels:

SPONSOR: Hugo van Harlo

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

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Unofficial Court Report:[edit | edit source]

Saturday evening court, June 8:

Other court tidings Saturday evening:

  • 15 newcomers received mugs.
  • Honorable Lord Lawrence Taillefer the Leech and Mistress Geneviève de Chambéry were invested as Baronage of Vatavia. They presented a gift of scutari blanks to Their Majesties.
  • The Barony of Vatavia presented gifts to Uldin and Sung.
  • Their Excellencies Owen and Malkin of Gryphon’s Lair presented gifts on behalf of Their Majesties of Artemisia.

Sunday field courts, June 9:

Thursday field courts, June 13:

Friday evening court, June 14:

Other court tidings Friday evening:

Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

  • I attended my first Lilies this past week and I have a few pieces of word fame.

To the crew of the Broken Harp. Thank you for always being there with a quick joke, a helping hand, and a cold drink. To the ladies of the dye tent. This was my first time using period dyes and you made me feel like I could dye anything. Thank you for your support and encouragement. To the folks who make the Fyrdraca possible. That boat is magic. I hope like hell we, as a Society, can keep her afloat for many more years. Keep up the good work. I am incredibly grateful for having had the chance to row and sail in that craft. To their Excellencies Three Rivers, thank you for opening your camp and your hearts to me. I will not ever forget. To Master Edward and his camp mates. Thank you for offering me a shady place to sit, a bite to eat, and wonderful company. To Hirsch and Magda (please forgive any misspellings), thank you for welcoming me into your little corner of the war. There were dozens of people, two delightful young ladies who were lovely company and fabulous dance partners, a young man I met at the Lake party Saturday, and so many more that I would thank for making my first Lilies special. I intend to return. I hope to see all of you again. And to all of Calontir... You have awakened the bard in my heart with your exuberance for song. I hope to carry your example home. - Hrafn orthlokarr

  • I slept and dreamt of the continuing adventures of Lillie’s. So vividly in my mind were the heartfelt songs of Calontir and wholesome laughter of its people, so clear the sense of comrade and belonging... sad to wake and remember that the War has now ended and I’m back in NJ, though I am exhilarated for this most fun and wonderful adventure!

I’m still glowing with the heart-buzz of my week out in the Midwest, among all the smiles I find myself having with the memories of such good times: for the strong love of those old friends I see painfully rarely but once a year (usually at Pennsic), for the strong and exciting connections I made with new friends, to celebrate the coming together with a group of people of this very welcoming culture; to share so much fun, stories and life experiences, and in general, to be a meaningful part of something bigger than myself... this sense of spirituality present at these Wars is astounding and not something I can fully ever put into words, though every time I may try my best. I find this connection wholly rejuvenating.

I love that wholesome energy, Calontir. I enjoy the beautiful synergy of your friendly and welcoming people. I enjoy the harmony of your songs and depth of culture behind them...

I started befriending some of the kingdom close to 6 years ago at Pennsic, then Gulf, and have always had a wonderful time with the people I encounter. And now, Ive finally had my first War in the heart and native land of Calontir! (This is only my second time ever in the Midwest, and first “stay”)

Thank you to everyone who was a part of my very first Lillie’s War! Thank you to my old friends to invite me out and help me with my planning and travels, thank you for the people of the Barony of Three Rivers for hosting me in your camp and making me feel so welcomed! Thank you to all the new friends I’ve made this week, where at first the kindness of strangers has seemed easily to turn into the welcoming of family. 💜

There are too many great memories of this first Lillie’s (and I’m still processing everything) to mention now, and far too many people to include in my tagging, but I wanted to say again: Thank you for the amazing War! - Alexondra Coles

  • We want to thank people for participating in the Broken Harp's Lilies Newcomer Bounty. The winners are posted at the Harp and winners can claim their prizes at the war. If you aren't able to then you will be contacted after the war. - Vincent de Vere
  • Behold my spoils of war! The dye tent had an amazing year thanks to the beautiful weather. Thanks to everyone that came by and played or asked questions. The plans for next year had already started before the war ended and while I cannot imagine we will be as productive in future years I hope to constantly improve. I also want to be sure you all know that the tent wouldn't be what it is without the hard work of Anne Hauser who has been at my side in this endeavor for the last 2 years now. - Agnes von Heidelberg
  • Dear Calontiri - thank you for a great first Lillies at which NO ONE claimed a bounty on me hahahahahahhha. No seriously, y'all put on a great war. Air kisses from Georgia, Sibella
  • A heartfelt thank you to the wonderful Gentles that donated food for the Tor Tuesday party at Lilies. Calontir generosity never ceases to amaze me. YIS, Kate O’Halloran
  • Home safe from the best Lilies ever. Thanks to Master Guillaume's planning the hustle and bustle at The Great Machine finally realized the dream I had for it. People, both new and experienced, were constantly learning and sharing at the forge and moving back and forth from Guillumes shop and mine. Many many thanks to the set up and take down crew Randof, Barthamue Batilda, Tora, and our cook, Bietriz who kept us all fed healthy meals during set up. Also thanks to Zack and Segard who helped take down, and all the other people who pitched in to make it all happen. I COULD NOT DO THIS BY MYSELF! Now I am home safe with an 8 hr nap, and there's laundry in the washer, food back in the frig and all the rest of the stuff to unpack, and work on 2 pages of improvements for next year. Thanks to the new friends, and old who stopped and talked with me. - Gerald Goodwine
  • The Fyrdraca cruise for the mobility challenged was a wonderful success this year, and I want to take a moment to thank those that made it happen. Sir Richard first and foremost for always being supportive of any idea that helps more people enjoy the ship and for captaining the cruises so I could row. Baron Lothar Der Rot for building us a special step for the inside of the boat and for retrieving and setting up the exterior steps and platform. My other three oarsman and sailors: Gwydion Ap Urien, Tigernán MacFlainn UíFáeláin, and Gustav of Grimfells for helping me do all the heavy work on ship so that the passengers could simply enjoy themselves. General assistance onboard was also provided by Corrinne Barr and Misty Dawn Osprey. Lastly, the backup crew of Kat Owen, Yngerame, Conrad Martin von Kassel, and Fernando Vigil who took over rowing for part of the second trip to give the core crew a bit of a break.

A final thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the ride with us. We love the Fyrdraca, and nothing gives us more joy than being able to share her with others... We are already trying to figure out how to make this an annual thing, even once the high waters recede. We hope to see you next year!

  • The raid was awesome this year! Thank you so much to John Bowyer, HRM Gareth, Ivaar, Maren Taylor, Konnall, whoever made the beautiful wooden boxes, Amba Allrasystir, the other waterbearers, and everyone else in the raid! - Ulfr Thorgrimsson
  • Words cannot describe what an absolute blast it was to run Waterbearing for this Lilies war. Every single person in the Fourth Company is so incredibly efficient and competent, I never once had to worry about a single thing. I owe huge thanks in particular to Esther and Christina, who were such a huge help each and every day, and to all my dear friends who put up with my ordering them around even when they hadn't necessarily intended to volunteer. Thank you as well to Ameline for your support and guidance, I hope I did you proud. For all the parents of the kiddos who helped out, you're doing something quite right and your offspring are incredible individuals. Thank you for trusting me with this undertaking, Calontir! I love you all! Yours in Service, Aranwen Verch Catuethen
  • What do you get when you post in the war site book that you will supply all items for people to take away and make period/periodesk dishes to bring back later in the day? I was not prepared for the excitement that this competition was greeted with and to all of the amazing things that were prepared. Thank you so much to all the participants of my Cooking Challenge on Thursday at Lilies. I was so impressed by all of the entrants that I just couldn't choose a winner. It also seemed like people had a lot of fun and with that in mind I'm changing it from a competition to a challenge and I will be hosting and again next year at Lilies War. - Alianora de Olmandiers
  • With another Lilies done and past, I want to express my thanks to all the merchants who attended this year.

We had about 35 merchants (based on a quick review done by a drive-fried brain) on site this year, and every single one in attendance made my job easy.

Many of the merchants were even those who came from far reaches to sell their wares at their first Lilies. To those I extend especial commendation for braving the journey to spend your time with us.

There were hiccups here and there throughout the War, as there always are, but everything was dealt with in a civil, understanding way.

I don't know if I'll continue as Merchant Coordinator for next year, but I at least hope to serve in an Advisory/Deputy role. I received many compliments on my job, but having now done it, I feel that it is better suited to one who is already a merchant.

That being said, I've been honored to have been trusted with this job, and I've enjoyed my time in this role. I was able to do some new stuff, namely the tourney field in the Market, and I think it was well received, based on my chats with the merchants. So much so, that I hope to continue it, and make even more use of it throughout the war.

Again, to all the merchants, thank you for making my job easy and enjoyable. It was a wonderful year, and I hope to see you all back next year.

Lilies 33 may be over, but my attention is already turning towards Lilies 34. (Queue maniacal laughter) In Service, Lord Ogawa Matajirou Ujimori (Soon to be Sandro), Merchant Coordinator Lilies 33

  • First year doing the Falcon's Rest completed! Many thanks to Renee Armstrong for being my partner in ice, her efforts were much appreciated. Had many positive comments on the new location, hoping to lock it in for next year, and set up a possible second station in the future. Suggestions and feedback welcome. - Sechen Tatar-Un
  • Kainen wishes to express his thanks to everyone who bought his baked goods during Lilies War. He raised $513 towards his travel expenses to medical camp at the Center for Courageous Kids and the U.S. Pain Foundation's biannual Pediatric Warrior Retreat. Any that is left will be rolled into his upcoming quarterly treatment which is scheduled July 2nd - 6th at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Once again thank you for your support!
  • My Kingdom, you are the embodiment of sustaining life.

Lilies war was exactly what Our hearts needed. We cannot fully express how wonderful every day was.

Every moment We felt your love, We watched your joy, We heard your hearts sing. His Majesty and I cannot even begin to express how amazing this last week was for Us.

How we wish we could all live in the same place all the time.

Our kingdom is renown for hospitality, well you did not disappoint this year. With so many visiting Royals, all were carefully tended to with love and respect.

We were privileged to be able to recognize so many wonderful people for what their hard work has made them worthy for.

We are the luckiest Crowns in the Known World.

Thank you all for the fights, the laughs, the smiles, the songs, the food, the drinks, the hugs, and the love we got from you.

Donngal & Catalina, King & Queen of Calontir