Lilies War 2018

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General Information:[edit | edit source]

  • Date:June 8-17, 2018
  • Location: Kelsey Short Youth Camp, Smithville Lake, Missouri
  • Royalty:
    • TRM Ashir and Ashland
    • TRH Xerxes and Belanna
  • Event Stewards: HE Agamemnon Platolithidae and Mistress Kathrine d'Arles
  • Theme: Duchies vs Counties

Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Winners of 100-Arrow Shoot:

  • Shane Bax - Bow
  • His Highness Xerxis - Longbow
  • Damo Untwiller - crossbow
  • William Fletcher - period bow

Unofficial Court Reports:[edit | edit source]

Saturday evening court, June 9:[edit | edit source]

Other court tidings Saturday evening:[edit | edit source]

  • 9 newcomers received mugs.
  • Kingdom law changes were read into court: Queen’s Prize Tournament will be the 2nd weekend of Februrary; Kingdom Arts & Science event will be the 3rd weekend in July; CalonCon will be the last Saturday in June.
  • Sir Cian mac Cu’Roi and Mistress Tatiana Dieugarde were released as Baron & Baroness of Coeur d’Ennui, and made court Baron and Baroness.
  • Lord Kjartan Hreinsson and Lady Ysoria Chaloner were invested as the new Baron & Baroness of Coeur d’Ennui.

Wednesday field court, June 13:[edit | edit source]

Wednesday evening court, June 13:[edit | edit source]

Other court tidings Wednesday evening:[edit | edit source]

  • Count Vaclav Semjaka was named as General for Pennsic.
  • 2 humans and 1 kitten received newcomer mugs.
  • Several people received RUSH War certificates. Watch this space for updates.
  • The Shire of Spinning Winds gave a tithe to celebrate their 40th year as a shire.
  • Emissaries from Artemisia presented gifts.

Thursday field courts, June 14:[edit | edit source]

Friday evening court, June 15:[edit | edit source]

Other court tidings Friday evening:[edit | edit source]

  • TRMs Ashir and Ashland exchanged gifts with visiting Royalty from Meridies, Outlands, Æthelmearc, and Northshield.
  • 1 newcomer received a mug.
  • Sir Malachi von Uri received his Chivalry scroll, due since the reign of Kensor II and Salamandra.

Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]