Lilies War 2017

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10-18 June 2017 Location: Kelsea Short Youth Camp, Smithville Lake, Missouri

Royalty:[edit | edit source]

  • King: Bataciqan-nu Ko'un Ashir
  • Queen: Ashland de Mumford
  • Prince: Damien MacGavin
  • Princess: Issabell St. Charles

Event Stewards: Mistress Katrei, Master Murdoch

Theme: The Holy Roman Empire Strikes Back -

Teacher Sign-up - @


  • The Innkeepers at the Broken Harp are offering a bounty on newcomers at this coming Lilies War. If you have helped someone to attend, brought someone or coerced someone into attending their first Lilies War this year, then we invite you to bring them with you to the Broken Harp between the first Saturday and Thursday. We will have a welcome gift for the new person and will have a drawing signup for you... The Newcomer Bounty hosted by the Broken Harp was a success. We had 88 bounties claimed and gave away 14 prizes. - Kristine nic TaillierThank you everyone for participating!!
  • The Falcon's Rest made its debut near the dogleg downhill from the New Market as an oasis with cold water, neck coolers, foot pool, spray bottles, and fans which was much appreciated by all.
  • I would like to say congratulations to Baron Hugh du Puy for winning the Ladies of the Rose Archery Shoot!! You will always be my champion!!! - BelAnna De Rouge
  • The Artisan's Roadshow - The trumpet's clarion call was sounded throughout the camp, with the following words:

> To Arts! To Arts! > The Calontir Arts and Sciences Roadshow begins at nine on Nobles' Row, overlooking the Battlefield. > See Artisans in their native habitat. > See ancient crafts long forgotten brought back into the light of day. > See items of beauty at the very moment of their creation! > Scribe bring my parchment my nibs and my inkpot. > I've got a charter to write in an hour. > From all over Lilies we'll meet on the King's Road > With pigments and gold leaf to show scribal power. > Hammers flash, anvils ring > Helms are forged as this song I sing > Bascinet and spangenhelm > My smithy skills shall overwhelm. > I have hemmed my hems, > I have felled my seams > I have sewn my share of gowns > From Rome to Paris > There was seamstress none > Who more elegantly clothed the crown. > I' m to the Arts Roadshow marching > To show off the skills of my craft > I'm to the Arts Roadshow marching > To plait a new bowstring > Or add fletchings to shaft. >

Vigils and Elevations

  • HL Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl will be placed on vigil at 10:00 a.m. the first Saturday of Lilies and will be elevated in Court Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m. HL Jurgen's vigil will take place on the point, just past the fire pit.
  • HL Sorcha O'Riain will be elevated in court on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. and her vigil will take place Thursday at noon.

> HL Sorcha O'Riain's vigil will take place next to her kiln on Thursday, just north of Master Edward's camp.

  • Qadiya Catalina de Arazuri will be placed on vigil Thursday at 9:00 a.m. and will be elevated in court on Friday at 5:00 p.m. Qadiya Catalina's vigil will take place in the shade of Noble's row in her encampment. Please come relax and enjoy the day with an Andalusian bath. Wear your lightest tunics, braies and bathhouse babe attire.
  • Syr Duncan Fearmac MacLeod will be placed on vigil after the Ladies of the Rose Tournament concludes and the Calontir Party is kicked off Thursday evening, with elevation on Friday at Noon. Syr Duncan Fearmac MacLeod will have his vigil on the Fyrdraca (docked). Off-Ship alternate meeting point available for those who don't wish to get into the boat (chairs on end of road).
  • HL Winnifred d'Artois will be placed on vigil directly after Syr Duncan Fearmac MacLeod Thursday evening, and will be elevated in Friday's court. HL Winnifred's vigil will take place on the corner of the old battlefield closest to Outland's Point.

Unofficial Court Reports:


> Court Business Summary > Aed ua Conchobair - AoA > The Fyrd Auction raised over $1000, the majority of which has been donated to the Lilies fund > 15+ Newcomers, to the point we ran out of mugs! > Syr @Cillian MacMaroo gave favors to the fort setup crew > Ulfvaldr Folkmarsson - Leather Mallet > @Magnús Þorgrímsson - Leather Mallet > @Vincent De Vere - Silver Hammer > Linda of Forgotten Sea - AoA > The War for Mistress Thora will be fought against Northshield the weekend of August 20th > Robert Brockman Riddari - Court Baronage > @Jurgen Weiter von Landstuhl - Laurel > > FIELD COURT > Ingvarr Oakson - Iren Fyrd > @John Bowyer - Iren Hirth >


> *Stile Fyrd* > THL @Verena Naherin > *Iren Fyrd* > Deo MacCillian > Vim of Flinthyll > Jon Chesey >


> Ivan Porvinin - AoA > Mistress Thora is your new RUSH Chancellor > Isibil Edvinsdottir - Leather Mallet > Cecilia de Gatisbury - Calon Lily > @Tigernan Flann - Torse > @Juliana Macnayre - Calon Cross > Carson d'Auxerre - Purple Jess (premiere) > Sorcha O'Riain - Laurel >


> *Iren Fyrd* > Æsalief Jotunsdottir > Wilheard of Coity > *Stile Hirth* > Gawin Kappler > William Douglas > *Boga Fyrd* > Hirsch Ross Eichmann > Eric Thorn > *Boga Hirth* > Michael the Wanderer >


> Robert Dunlop -AoA > Robert Shelton - Queen's Chalice > @Anastasia - Queen's Chalice > Alto the Agreeable - AoA > Winnifred d'Artois - Laurel > Maegwynn Attewode - Swan > Faustus Cantilius Lupus - Leather Mallet > Olaf Thorvaldr - Leather Mallet > Felix Feyrer - AoA > Count Semjaka was presented with a knighting scroll, after 29 years > Mistress @Lynette Davejean - Augmentation > Catalina d'Arazuri - Pelican >


Comments and Impressions:

  • Clay County Parks would like to thank the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) for choosing Smithville Lake for 25 years and we look forward to the Lillies War next year!

> Greetings to one and all. I would like to take a moment to thank every single person of Calontir for making me feel welcome at my first event within the Kingdom. Having played in 5 Kingdoms, I have to say that this was the most welcomed I have felt, en masse, by so many people. I heard "Welcome home" so many times by so many people that, by the end of Lilies, I was beginning to feel at Home. The kindness shown to me by so many people from every part of the Kingdom has me looking forward to meeting and befriending everyone and serving the Kingdom. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. > In service to the Dream, > Brynki

  • Baby's first Lilies! Thank you, Calontir, for a lovely time. Also, thanks for letting him nap right in the middle of the picnic table... twice. - Joy
  • I have just survived my first SCA event. I am covered with a heat rash, have several spider bites, and was severely dehydrated on Thursday but would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I'm so happy to have met so many new friends over the last week! Lilies was amazing and I can't wait for next year! - Michelle Wright
  • I want to Thank everyone who took a retinue shift during Lilies. I can't express how much I appreciate you lending a hand. Due to Cilian's surgery, your service significantly diminished the stress I was feeling. Your willingness to jump in and help, in my humble opinion, is what makes Calontir the greatest place to live. Many thanks to you all!! - Bronwell Westhold
  • From semi-retired (but returning) glasswork Laurel. I want to applaud everyone who worked so hard to make a successful Lilies Glass Tent. If you helped with set up and tear down, if you taught a class, or if you took a class, I want you to know how proud I was that I got show the Countess to whom I was apprenticed your amazing work. Your efforts have made the Glass Tent one of the best (if not the best attractions) for Lilies War. A baroness from the East told me that she tells everyone that if they are serious about glasswork at events, they need to come to Lilies. I cannot describe to you how proud I am of you all! - Mellitus Rouncivale
  • Thank you Calontir for all of the hugs and encouraging words. To those I didn't get to see I was only there for awhile and stayed close to the road between merchants and Tor. I miss everyone. - Aine nic Taillier
  • Thank you to everyone for being so kind and welcoming to this first timer today at Lilies War. - Tory
  • I would like to thank everyone who stayed for the ball. The dancers danced in darkness (and rain) after the wind blew the incinitrons out, The musicians stayed and played through the wind and rain, providing some really lovely music under extremely difficult circumstances. It was a ball to remember, and it wouldn't have happened without the participants.

> Special thanks to Wolfram (Shaun Dignan) for doing the prep work on the dances and leading the ball; Brighid ([Knox]) for being at most of the musician rehearsals, actually reading through the music, and generally being a rock on which I could rely; and Conna ([O'Connell]) who can successfully count the repeats in Contrapasso16x16px😉. I hope everyone had fun!!! - Katriana

  • As the Lilies War Archery Marshal-in-Charge, I owe a huge debt to many people who made my job much more manageable. First, I want to thank Their Majesties (Heath Clifton and Ashland de Mumford) and Her Highness (Issabell St. Charles) for their frequent presence on the range. Given their busy Lilies schedules, it was an inspiration to see them so often among their ranks of archers and throwers of weapons.

> I also want to send out my gratitude to my Deputy, the newly minted Boga Huscarl, Michael the Wanderer ([White]). It’s not a secret to anyone who spends time on a missile weapons range in Calontir that Michael is a truly indefatigable person when it comes to hard work. If it needs to be done, Michael will do it without being asked. I knew this when I asked him to be my Deputy last year, and he did not disappoint. Michael, you are an inspiration to us all when it comes to service for our Kingdom. Words cannot express my appreciation. > Another big thank you goes to the individuals who managed specific activities. Alan Berylson (Tracy Geer) ran the thrown weapons range. His nicely varied schedule that included classes, formal throws, and free time, attracted many gentles including some throwing for the first time. Marie of Cologne managed children’s archery this year. I can’t remember how many times I saw Marie joyfully celebrating good shots with our young archers. It was, once again, fun to see the future of Calontir archery. Lynette Davejean, for the 22nd time, managed to 100 Arrow Shoot. The addition of the Period Bow category gave us even more archers to cheer for in the Finals on Friday. The recognition Lynette received in Court demonstrates the admiration and esteem that Their Majesties and all of Calontir have for her for the 100 Arrow Shoot and all the other things she does for the Kingdom. > I had a great setup crew! Many of the crew had been involved in previous set ups. Others were new to the gig. The crew was like a bee hive on the range, buzzing about accomplishing their appointed tasks with efficiency. This was my list for set up of the ranges who have not already been mentioned. My sincere apologies if I managed to forget anyone: Juliana Macnayre, William of Carberry, Thomas Fleischacker, Catin of Edington, Philip Seeks, Halldór Skaptason, Galen MacColmain, Leif of Crescent Moon, Rufus Tenstone, Tigernan Flann. > Thanks also to everyone who agreed to run a shoot or throw or teach a class. We had many fun and challenging activities. Special thanks to Dammo Utwiler for volunteering to add a shoot after the schedule was submitted. A lot of archers enjoyed the unique “Kill the Wabbit” shoot that Dammo ran on Wednesday and at an encore performance on Friday afternoon. We don’t get a chance to shoot at life sized targets at long ranges very often and this shoot afforded those opportunities. > Finally, thanks to all who were galvanized into action by our request for help in tearing down the ranges. Loading up the gear for transport to the storage unit is much easier when it resides road side! > Once I finish my paperwork as Archery Marshal-in-Charge, I will hand over the reins to Michael for next year’s War. Thanks once again for helping me make it through this year. I appreciate every contribution that made this year’s missile weapons activities successful and fun. > HL Eynon Llangenydd

  • Calontir and our foreign friends THANK YOU from Agnes, myself, Zeneta (Crystal Tice), and Grace (Debra Davis-Smith). Without all of your help over the last nine months, this year's Tailor's Tent wouldn't have been so successful. In addition to Calontiri, we had an East and West Kingdom visitors and Her Majesty Outlands lending a hand. As with every year, we were sewing till the last second. There was one part that didn't finish in time, the outer layers with all the embroidery. We want to acknowledge all the hard work that went into them. After a few days of downtime, they will be sewn properly and photos posted here.

> I personally want to point out something about this year's Tent and they build off of [Lucas] post after KA&S about trying new things and pushing oneself's skills to higher levels. This year's Tailor's Tent outfits were made mostly, like just over 80%, by people with no formal awards or AoA's. Seeing the number of people who started to say 'No, I'm not good enough to work on TRM's outfits' but decided to try their best and were surprised at how well they did was very exciting. To all of you, You are the future and Thank You for taking the hard road and improving or learning a new skill. I know there are many who helped that I have not tagged so please tag yourself or tag a friend. - Nakos Theodorosides > > Home safe from another wonderful Lilies War, and fighting the post-War slump. Overall, it was a wonderful time. I went out on the Fyrdraca 3 times, including getting it back on its trailer (and towing a modern boat back to the boat ramp because their battery died). I got to fight in one tournament, didn't do all that well, but I still fought. I would've preferred to fight in at least one other, but my time throwing pottery cut a little too close to make that happen. But of all the wonderful things that happened, my favorite was seeing Duncan Fearmac MacLeod ([Phillips]), a man I hold in very high esteem, elevated to the Order of the Pelican. And now, I take some more rest. Unloading the car can happen later... - Ogawa Matajiro Ujimori >

  • Calontir! What a great Lilies War! His Majesty and I are home and reflecting on so many great times had the past few days. We got to hang out with old friends and got to know and hang out with some new friends. So many highlights of the week, having all 4 Royals in attendance for the 100 arrow finals and 3/4 of them shooting in it, tournaments, vigils, elevations, there's just so many wonderful things. There's so many people that we want to thank for such a wonderful week! To TRH Damien MacGavin and [St. Charles], thank you for all you do and for keeping up with our busy schedules. To [Tapp], thank you for all you do. You make sure we have all we need and more. [Richmond], thank you for making sure we have awesome people with us all the time. [Fay], Meg and Meredith, and all the Ella Watchers, thank you for taking such good care of our little girl. It means so much! [Pashavich], thank you for making sure we always had somewhere to sit and shade. Busy schedule, means moving thrones a lot. We appreciate it. To [Hale] and Kat L.S. Pogatshnik, thanks for making sure court goes smooth. We had a lot of field courts, and couldn't have done it without you two. To all our retinue- you are simply amazing! We want to do all the different things to support Our Kingdom, which means a lot of walking around in the heat for retinue. Thank you all so very much for all you do! To everyone else and everyone behind the scenes, thank you for being the best! You are all what makes this Kingdom so great. We heard several times from visitors and new comers this week of how welcoming Calontir is. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks at Coronation! We have a few more pieces of business, then will celebrate Our Heirs! -HRM Ashland