Lilies War 2016

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10-19 June 2016 Kelsey Short Youth Camp, Smithville Lake, MO Royalty: TRM Matsu and Elena, TRH Logan and Ylva

Event Stewards:


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  • Winners in the 100 arrow finals were:

Horsebow - [MacColmain]. Longbow - Xerxes. Recurve - Shay and Crossbow - William Fletcher.

Unofficial Court Reports:

  • Opening court, June 11, A.S. 51

> Fritjolf of Forgotten Sea – Queen’s Chalice > Theo of Forgotten Sea – Queen’s Chalice > Isengrim Sleggja – Laurel > Honorable Lord Eynon Llangenydd was named the new Royal Brewer.

  • On the field, June 12

> Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg – Order of Chivalry/Knight

  • Grand court, June 16

> 14 people received First Event mugs. > A boon was begged for Mathurin Kerbusso to join the Order of the Pelican. > Snorri Bjornsson – Calon Cross > There were 7 Kestrel Page School graduates. > Zaneta Baseggio – Golden Calon Swan > Amon Attwood – Torse > Joan Myssenden – Leather Mallet AND Golden Calon Swan > Már í Miklagarði – QED for Chivalry

  • At the Ladies of the Rose, June 16

> Donald Andrew MacDonald – Stile Hirth > Alan Smyith of Darkdale – Stile Hirth

  • At the Waterbearer’s Tournament, June 17

> Garcia – Iren Fyrd > Jochi – Iren Fyrd

  • After the Fireworks, June 17

> Aela 100 Oars – Iren Fera

Photos and Videos:

Comments and Impressions:

  • Many thanks to Jawhar for the help at Lilies getting our Jeep jump started last Thursday. We made it to visit my step dad then back home to Outlands. Lady Burhcwen Tedforda and Lord Robert atte Blackwell
  • Calontir,

> You gave Us a quite memorable time at Lillies. > Many have already spoken of your hospitality, ourselves included. I would hit on a different note. While Her Majesty Trimaris and myself were in your lands We observed your culture and your ways and walks of life. To my knowledge there wasn't a soul on site that didn't have a smile or an elated walk about them (even in the heat) that just spread like a wild fire. Your Kingdom had banners and pennants flying, songs to be heard from near and far, Artisans working without hesitation whether teaching or creating works of greatness. Traveling through each camp and hearing different wordfames that were foreign to me sucking Us deeper into thought provoking silence and conversation as we listened and spoke with intent. The fighting was remarkable and the tournaments fought with Honor and Chivalry for the enjoyment of the Crown and for the populace. To those of you that gave your time freely and of your heart to ensure that people were hydrated and fed.... words fail me on how much you mean to your Kingdom and speak of just who you are as a person in whole. We hope to see you and learn and live with you more and more as the years come to pass. Thank you to all of YOU that made Our time spent with you and your people that much more enjoyable. > Every single one of you made the Dream come alive for us, even if for a brief stay. For that we will always hold a little bit of Purple in our Blue Hearts. > May you all remember that you are a part of the dream and even if you don't realize you are unique. Know that to Us , you are simply incredible works of perfection. > Thank you for the memories, > Joshua du Charmont, Roi Trimaris > Zephyrine de la Maige, Reine Trimaris >

  • Lilies War XXX - Thank you to all youth and families who came to participate in the youth activities provided this year! I truly enjoyed meeting you, getting to know you and sharing the War with you! It was wonderful to have so many parents/guardians come and share the activities and experience with their youth! I hope you all had an amazing time! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

> I would like to say thank you to all who wore the youth site tokens! This was a new program and I was thrilled to see so many wearing them! > Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this Lilies War amazing! > I would also like to thank [Herbst]- Idonea - for all her help! Without her assistance activities would not have happened! > I would also like to thank Mistress Fiona- Sandye McCraw, Kathryn Bacon, Marcella the Unknown, Simonetta, Kathryn Winterborn - Jessianna Dodge, for teaching classes! > I would also like to thank the wonderful woman who donated the henna for our youth and families! If anyone knows who this generous woman is, please let her know I am trying to reach her! > In service, > HL Victoria Sauvignon > >

  • So I'm sitting here thinking about Lillies. I didn't get to spend time with as many people as I would have liked. It started with me being really irritable. But as time went on, as usual the people of Calontir just made it better. Thanks to all those who made it a good war for me. Several of you made a gesture, or said something, or just listened, for that I thank you. You kept me from over reacting, which kept me playing. - Khalil abd i Wahid
  • Calontir - thank you for making my first ever war (Lilies!) a huge success. I met many new faces, learned some new names, and received quite a few wonderful, heartfelt gifts. I continue to be stunned at the wonderful community that is this kingdom, and hope to remain a part of it for a long while.

> Long live Calontir! > Fjörleif

  • Thank you to everyone who danced with me, drummed, and just was part of the moment with me last night! I hadn't danced in public for a long time, and was really nervous. I received so much love and support, especially from my fellow women. I love you, my sisters! And thank you to all of the men who kept the music going for us, or danced with us, and let us have a place to just "be"! - Melody of Loch Bheathrach
  • Home. Unpacked. In AC. Had an amazing time. Thank you Calontir for a great war. - Ysabel de la Oya