Lilies War 2015

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12-21 June 2015

Location: Kelsey Short Youth Camp, Smithville Lake, MO


  • TRM Anton and Isabeau,
  • TRH Xerxes and Bellana,
  • HRM Outlands Tam Grimm,
  • HRM Glean Abhean James

Event Stewards: Master Rhodri and Baron Magnus

Theme: The Hundred Years Week: the French (OAFs) vs. the English

Website - Class List -


  • Boga Fyrd Captain shoot won by Steaffan Shaw, Anne came in second.
  • Heard through the Facebook Grapevine: Baron Donald, Master Ravasz, and Master Alan have been named the premier members of the new Stíele Fyrd Order (for Calon Steel)
  • Countess Fionna took Kara as her apprentice.

Unofficial Court Reports:

  • Mathieu Chartrain, Laurel
  • Maren Thorskabitr, Pelican
  • Gustav Jameson, Pelican
  • Uldin of Ravenscroft, Chivalry
  • Guillaume de la Sudeterre, Laurel
  • Erik de Tyr, Chivalry
  • Cionaodh Mac Cosgraigh, Laurel
  • Michael of Safita, Laurel
  • Isengrim Sleggja
  • Rochwen Morwenna, Lily
  • Helena of Tor, Lily
  • Logan Munro, Lily
  • Galen MacColmain, Silver Hammer
  • Cisco Francisco
  • SWAN
  • Verctissa Neptis Venutie
  • Appolonia von Bremen
  • Elena del Mar
  • Amanda McKim (?)
  • Bryndwulf Brandsmythr
  • Daniel Steelbender
  • Dewi ap Owen
  • Asher
  • Rashid al-Reys
  • Stigbjorn Svensen
  • Ffelix Aeskellson
  • STILE FYRD (Premier members)
  • Alan Smyth of Darkdale
  • Donald MacDonald
  • Ravasz Janos
  • Adelaide Sarsfield
  • Aisha bint Assad
  • Mia Mishka
  • Kathryn Northrup
  • Alina Grace
  • Mel McAlpin
  • Balthazar de Lumiere
  • Angie of Standing Stones
  • Molly Baker
  • Fulk Markett
  • Kim Sarsfield
  • Cian and Tatiana, Coeur d'Ennui
  • Germanicus


Comments and Impressions:

  • I want to thank everyone involved for making this Lillie's War unforgettable. (Birthday, squired and Iren Fyrded) - Sigbjorn Swenson
  • As always, I absolutely loved Lilies War! I got to reaquainted with existing, as well as meet new friends. Make more friends and memories than I can write. My biggest highlight was that two of my grandchildren got to attend Lilies as their first ever SCA event! Fiondel, you and your helpers did an absolutely WONDERFUL job running the youth tent! They looked forward to the activities every day! They couldn't stop trying to imitate Johan's stories. This was my third Lilies and I didn't realize what a big production the tournament of the champions for the children actualy is. HRH Xerxes allowing Patrick to help with armour was a dream come true, and Baldar fighting for Catherine's honor will always be treasured. I could write a book and not give all credit that is due for the hard work that everyone added to the whole event (classes, tournaments, merchants, troll, and the blessed souls who put toilet paper and chem lights in the toilets near my camp!) So please allow me to share what Catherine said to me as we walked to the youth tent. "Grampa, I like the SCA! Everyone is so polite. Everyone is courteous." Thank you ALL!!! - Rob the Piper
  • To all the staff who worked so hard for us to play at war, thank you!

> I had a blast working at troll, hanging at the charging station, doing camp cries and, along with Victoria, giving [Fiondel Heitman] a story time off. > A HUGE thankyou goes to Alexandra (hopefully spelled right) who taught Trevor how to make arrows. Also to all the Marshals who fanned his love of archery. > Calanish, my second shire, fed us well, even worth breakfast at 7 am, archers need to be on the line early. > I will miss lilies next year due to 50 year. So I will miss the good food, good friends and laughter of our camp. > The wedding was beautiful! > And rolling around with Asa is always a blast! > Best overheard comment of the war, one protege to another. "Not my service track monkey boy!" > - Beth Trevor (Auntie Alvira)

  • Thanks to all who donated to Paladin's Pantry at Lilies War! Liberty Disaster Relief greatly appreciated the tent, sleeping bags and all the foodstuffs. A special thanks to Vincent De Vere for all the juice and soda! - Rigela la Placida
  • Already missing all my SCA friends, both in and out of kingdom. I didn't get to spend enough time with any of you... - Gwen A'Brook
  • Thank you for making mine and Niki's first time amazing. We had a lovely time and she had a wonderful birthday! - Andi Watson
  • Thank you, Calontir, for a wonderful Lilies. It was great catching up with friends and family. (I should probably come back and visit more often, huh? LOL!) - @Jibra'il `Attar
  • I was thinking about Lilies War, and I am beaming while thinking of the men and women who were chivalrous towards me. A special thanks to my ever so kind husband Jeremy Cranfill, my dear friend Sir Mar, his spry squire Thorin, and the camp of Meridians which includes but is not limited to Aela the beautiful, and her husband Guid the strong, the ever hysterical Gunnolf, and many others who made my war an incredible adventure! - Melody of Loch Bheathrach
  • After this past war I have never been happier to be in the SCA and of all places in Calontir. - Gobban MacRobie
  • So I've been sick the last few days and distracted by a million things, but I wanted to get this out asap.

> THANK YOU to all the heralds at Lillies! We make the war better. My personal management phiosophy is to delegate everything I possibly can, and try to work out the rest. You made that easy for me. > Tournaments were heralded! I know we had a new herald at the children's tournament - did we have any other brave souls that jumped in there? > Announcements were cried! Being loud that early can be quite the challenge. > Consultations were made! When last I checked in, we had 55 consultations tallied up, and I was in awe of [Sofya la Rus'] set up. The new banner also looked great! > I hope you all had fun in doing what we do. If you didn't, I wanna know about it! You can't fix a problem you don't know about. > I learned a lot in trying to coordinate all this, and hope I can add good advice down the line. - Edward Logan de Munro

  • I have many people to thank for such a great Lilies! Being a commander is an amazing honor and indescribable thrill, and every time is a little different. There were so many people who made this into a truly magical experience. Tristram (John Rucker) assembled the armor that gave Joan of Arc a historically-correct look. Kirk (Kirk Poore) was the driving force behind Mardi Tacqueaux, which many OAFs and assorted others deployed. Snorri (Clark Winslow) and Mar (Bill Wilks) worked very hard to keep the scenarios fun and interesting for both sides. Several people lent excellent advice, insight, and leadership, especially JP (Carl Chipman), Kirk, Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon, Odo de Home, and HRM Outlands. Many people made sure their volunteer efforts went to resurrections for the side of their choice, and Malace (David Mallory) was especially devoted to this cause. Ozurr Sviðbalki worked hard as a timekeeper and resurrection counter. Gwen (Linda Odum Moore) and Hirsch Eichmann each on separate occasions kept me from losing my freakin' mind when heat or fatigue almost got the better of me. And The Voices in My Head - Magda (Nancee Kathryn Beattie), Adrielle (Gabrielle Underwood), Adalyde (Courtney Jane), and Melchor - provided an awesome fun multiplier. And many thanks go to Rhodri Ap Hywel and the rest of the event staff for giving me the opportunity. I love all of you and cannot begin to describe how fortunate I am to have such friends! - Rhianwen ferch Bran ap Gruffydd
  • I wanted to give a big thank you to John Brooks and Donna Brooks for bringing their awesome birds to the war. They let me hang out about every day to learn more about the birds. I was even able to speak to others and tell them about the birds myself. I know that everyone that stopped by really enjoyed seeing and learning about Ash and Quicksilver. I know that everyone at the war appreciated all the work and education that both of them did for us. - Ivarr inn Rauthi

> Thank you to everyone who came by and lent a hand at the Tailor's Shop! Here's a collection of what the shop has done over the years. We had many new stitchers and many familiar faces as well. It was our 10th year with this format. I'm so grateful to everyone who has ever stopped in, it makes it so much fun and I meet the most amazing people. - Margret Bruce


> I was proud to be brought up to court to become elevated to Boga Fyrd. Never have I expected to be elevated so quickly. I was handed my medallion which I never took off while at lilies (I even slept with it on) and still wear around in the mundane world sometimes and I was also handed this scroll. When I recieved it, I could not take my eyes off of it. This is a gorgeous scroll. I wanted to applaud all of the people who put effort into the scrolls this year. They were just absolutely amazing and I am very much honored to have been able to recieve it. The amount of detail and time you guys must of put into making the scrolls. I cringe to think what would happen if you guys messed up somehow lol. Just an amazing job you guys. This deserves more than just a frame. Im getting a display case and putting it in plan view for all to see. Just amazing.. - Asher

  • One of the coolest moments of the war. A gift to the Broken Harp. But its not a blank piece of paper .. . There are song lyrics on the other side. Lyrics for a new Wylde Nept song that isn't released yet . .. Looks pretty good . But the rest of you have to wait a little longer - Vincent de Vere
  • I am very glad I was a great time and everyone I met made me feel very welcome..definitely on my places to return to list. - Eldfrith Wulfmund
  • I would like to take a moment to express my thanks to everyone who assisted with water bearing at Lilies War this year. I may have been in charge, but without the assistance of Toni Delgado, Lesley Baker-Mehling, Nancy Nguyen, Jennifer Langley, Jessianna Dodge, Deni Chafa Dinwiddie, Maegwyn Verch Bleddyn and all the unnamed volunteers this task would never have been successful. In my limited time on site, during my wanderings I heard many compliments and can only say that it was due to everyone that we were able to live up to the reputation of the Calontir 4th Company!!! - Jaida de Leon
  • The first ever Lilies Beach Samra was a wonderful success! Already thinking about next year!

> It was amazing to watch a dream come to be. I want to thank my co conspirator Cecilia for devising such a cunning plan. > I want to thank Alessandra for bringing period sheet music for the musicians to play. I want to thank Geva, Conna, and Alessandra for providing melody. I want to thank Dongal, Ali, Viktor and all the other drummers who showed up to play for us. > I want to thank all the dancers who worked hard on building choreography to period songs, using period dance techniques, seriously cool! > I want to thank Mistress Edwina for providing delicious period snacks and refreshments! > I want to thank the site boss for allowing us to use the incinitrons and Thaddeus for graciously allowing us to borrow his rugs and front porch when the beach was flooded. > And even though she couldn’t attend, I want to thank Mistress Rahil for inspiring us, and boosting our confidence over the years. > For anyone interested in doing this next year, Alessandra will have sheet music to learn the songs, and I have recordings of some of the songs for those who want to practice choreography. - Catalina de Arazuri

  • First day back to work and back to wearing modern shoes. My feet are hurting. - Juliana Macnayre
  • Here are some totals from Lilies War XXIX: The Hundred Years WeekAttendance: 1064

> Service Resurrection Points - English: 228 vs French: 251 > Arts & Sciences Resurrection Points - English: 47 vs French: 62 > Archery Kills of Resurrection Points - English: 56 slain vs French: 54 slain > War Resurrection Points (Scenarios, Tournaments, Pre-War Activities) - English: 73 vs French: 72 > Total Resurrections Earned - English: 284 vs French: 329 > And who won the war? Well, given that the heat prevented a real battle on Saturday, I'm going to have to call this for the French, both because they earned more resurrections and because it matches the historical record. > One last note. The 479 combined service points do not represent hours, they represent shifts, which were almost always longer than an hour. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that number averages 2 or 3 hours per shift, meaning it's probably at least 1000 hours of work that was reported. So, what was reported was the equivalent of about 6 people working 24/7 for a week to make Lilies happen. I also know that not every hour was reported. > So when Magnus and I said "Thank our staff," we meant "THANK OUR STAFF!" - Rhodri ap Hywel >