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Lots of wonderful things happened at Lilies in 2014... Please add!

Photos:[edit | edit source]

Zugare -

Marie - Marie (Black and White) -

Lhiannan -

Malina Set 1 -

Malina Set 2 -

Malina Set 3 -

Yurik -

Boris -

Vilhelm -

Fydraca Shoot -

On the Falcon Banner:

I want to thank my "neighbors" at Lillies...I'm sorry that I'm terrible with names...your welcome and friendship allowed me to have a blast the 2 day I could stay..(This is Vincenzo BTW) the fighting was first rate, food wa year I will stay only regret is I cant remember names worth a damn...thank you to Mistress Edwina for trying to sell the dress...and sorry I missed a night at the tavern... -Mark

What a wonderful Lilies War - I threw all the things, I shot arrows from the Fyrdraca, I fought with (beside and opposite!) Otmar and Melchor, I made a spear point with Reece Reinhart's forge, I sang, I even danced (shh, nobody at Lilies saw it) and had such a good time with so many friends. I laughed, and smiled - at Three Rivers Players I laughed and smiled so much my face hurt. I am still smiling now. -Hirsch

On Thursday of Lilies War, the Huscarls joined the us at the Fourth Company Tournament on the battlefield. Before the battle begin they announced how much they appreciate us and all that we do for them. Then they unveiled the surprise. The most beautiful shirts were designed for us, a Lady with period jugs of water and a pot of soup walking up with a smile, ready to offer her hospitality to all who are in need. She looks like a goddess. The Huscarls gave each of us a shirt. Then the spoiled us with a table full of fresh fruit, sandwiches, veggies and cake. Thank you all for making us feel so very special. It brings tears to our eyes just thinking about it. HUZZAH!!! to the Huscarls! -Catalina

I had a great time at the Lilies war. I was surprised to have so many take my flax class since it's a little out of my box. Thank you all who took it. Packing went smoothly, but was grueling in the heat. Big thank you's to Grannamer Sin, Dori the leather lady, Furi, Randolf, Talia, and all else who helped set up or take down. So, made it safely home for a 3 hour nap before going to work for a regular 8 hour shift, came home and crashed for 8 hours and then mowed the unloading areas and unloaded laundry, garb, fence-hurdles. I had Nate let Axle out and he came racing down by the truck where I was and high fived me. He then jumped into the back of the truck where it took a bit of coaxing to get him back out. Once back out I harnessed him up and we unloaded and haled stuff around to put it away. I am anxious to finish post war packing and start working on next years projects.< -Gerald

I am still thinking of all the fun I had at Lillies. It was the longest I have been away from my family in a long time but there was so much to do I stayed busy.

Thinking back I think one of the coolest things came at the end. Apparently during the 8 day stay at Lillies one of my tires went flat. On the way out I was stopped three times by people telling me it was flat. One of them did not even know me.

I stopped at the first gas station and put air in my tire. I have not had any problems with it since. -Joseph

To the Outlands fighter called Roland: I just want to say a hearty Thank You for fighting for Maeva (our daughter) in the Children's Tournament on Friday.</span> Her regular fighter had to bow out of the tourney due to heat related issues, and you stepped right in to fight for her. You fought thru each round with a smile on your face as the heat descended upon the field! We enjoyed each and every move you made on the field, and you impressed us immensely when you spoke TO her, kneeling down to meet her eyes and asking permission to fight for her that day. I hope that another child gets to experience the same kindness you showed to her! Huzzah to you, Roland! HL Runa Ketilsdottir, CSH

Thank you for the war. Good job izzy with the kidos. Thanks you glass working guild, Marshals, and the rest of staff. -Henry

Just a simple thank you for an awesome time at Lilies War. It was my first and just simply amazing. -Padraigin

Oyez oyez oyez: These are your morning announcements..

For the love of god, don’t let your dogs crap on the list field. Some fighters insist on falling to the ground when they die, and they do not enjoy residual amounts of dog crap on our fighting clothes even after you “cleaned it up well enough”. I speak from personal experience… Yeah….</span>

There will be a class held this afternoon on the lilies war metabolic effect. Explaining why you haven’t been eating as much for the past 10 days and how you managed to live just fine. </span>

Gentles are reminded to work slowly on reintegrating into normal life, half strength Gatorade, pickles, and camp food are easy ways to help get you back into the vibe.</span>

Please don’t smoke in the porta johns. That’s pretty disgusting and for the love of god I hope you wash your hands when you are done with that. Your lungs will live just fine on normal air for that long.</span>

(add in your favorite) -Damien

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard during lilies this yeah to make it a Great War. Thank you to the ladies who put together awesome Rose tourneys Countess Elspeth has not spoken so highly about tourneys as she has this years tourneys! Congratulations to Lost Moors archer </span>Robert Akey Haldor for his win in the 100 arrow tourney and also congrats to all those who won amazing awards and thank you to those who made awesomeness happen all over this kingdom! Most of all thank you to TRM and TRH for being so awesome and supportive of this great kingdom and it people!!! Calontir!!!HUZZAH!!!! -Tola

My girlfriend and I went to our first Lilies, and we had a fantastic time in spite of the terrible heat. We're looking forward to coming out again next year! -Bjorn</span>

Had an awesome Lilies again this year even if we did have to leave </span>Friday after fireworks instead of Saturday afternoon. We did have one surprising revelation though: Last year the road along the archery field had huge rocks making it difficult to walk on BUT also forced the car traffic to go really slow should they damage a vehicle. This year the rocks were gone and we had a huge problem with cars going at a much faster rate of speed down the road, even though walking was much easier. Made us quite concerned as there is a large number of children during archery, etc. -Brynjolf

I want to thank all who made my first war awesome! Thanks to everybody at camp who welcomed me and made me feel like I was a part of the family. Thanks to everyone who ran the thrown weapons range and those who threw with me. The novice throw was a blast! Thanks to the individuals at the archery range who were willing to talk with me about learning how to shoot. I am so excited about all things SCA that are in my future!</span> -Agnes

I would like to thank all those who volunteered in the consultation tent at Lilies this year. You made being in charge a piece of cake. -Odierne</span>

I want to the a moment to thank all who attended the Red Tent classes and discussions. It turned out to be exactly what I had wanted it to be! So encouraged am I that I am planning on doing it again next year. Thanks to all of the marvelous folks who stopped by! I had a great time. Hope everyone did! -Rosaleng

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for an amazing time at Lillies. It has been a while since I have been able to make a multiple day event and everyone made it worth the wait. The fighting was fantastic and the food delicious. I am already trying to figure out a way to bring more of my friends out next year! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this event one that I will cherish for a very long time! -Uesugi Katsumoto

Greetings from Baron Avraham ben David Hakhuzari! At Lilies Court on Thursday I made an announcement. For those who were not there, I would like to repeat what I said here (or at least as I intended, I am sure I left some things out).


Most of you know that my lady, Mistress Jorunn, is a Keeper of the Flame. She likes seeing things done in a period fashion, or at least with a period appearance. I try to support her in that desire, and so I came up with a project. Since I was told by a Queen that I am good with wood, that's the kind of project I found.

(Here's where I held up a chair - but I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of it. It is one of the two-piece chairs, where the seat/back legs piece nests inside the seat back/front legs piece for storage, and slides through to assemble. If anyone happens to have a picture from court that shows the chair, I would appreciate it).

Thanks to Lothar Der Rot, I have a picture now.[[1]]

This is a chair. It's not a pretty chair. It's not a fancy chair. Mostly what it is not, is a nylon bag chair. If you are sitting here in a bag chair, and will promise me that you will not bring a bag chair to Court, or to the list field, I will give you this chair.

(At that point I gave the chair to Moyra Apthac in exchange for her promise. I realize now that there were others who also raised their hands, but she was the first one I saw.)

A single chair is a good start, but it was not enough. In my camp I have nine more chairs, which I will trade for the promise to not bring your bag chair to Court or the list field. At home, I have the materials in various stages of assembly, 32 more chairs. I will bring them to events as I complete them and trade them for the same promise.

I know that one of the things that I left out was my thanks to Jorunn, both for actual help with what I intend to be a gift to her (since bag chairs are one of the things that most bring her out of the medieval moment) and for putting up with a lot of space around the house taken up with wood for the project; and to our son, Iacov ben Avraham, for assistance cutting pieces of lumber to length.

I am also grateful and appreciative of the many offers of help to complete the remaining chairs. I have the work down to where a second set of hands is not necessary. Instead, I would offer an alternative to those who offered, a group of people gifted with great and varying skills in our Society - look around at what our new members commonly need to upgrade or improve to make their experience more period, make one, and give it away! A mug, a hat, a belt, whatever - not a fancy one, but a basic one that meets the need and isn't a modern substitute. If each of us with skills in the Arts and Sciences were to give away one small thing a year to help a new person create a better kit, we would all have a better experience in our great shared Dream.

In Service to Crown and Kingdom, and in this endeavor to my Lady,

Avraham ben David Hakhuzari

For those that know me well, you know I am a bit awkward, otherwise known as socially inept. That being said, I wish to thank Lucien and [Z Haumont](Sebastien) for their words of wisdom towards my Lillies war project, and all others willing to help me work through my awkwardness. This war was a great challenge to me and I had a great deal of fun and some of the best conversations. Thank you Calontir, for everything! -Felix

So, for the Cut & Thrust Ladies of the Rose Tournament, I was given an heraldic introduction to be read. This was Murdoch's work. In any event, I would encourage all the other fighters in next year's tournament to consider something similar as a wonderful addition to the pageantry. Here it is:

Iliyana, Rose of Calontir, Chose one whose skill does instill fear, A Breton warrior with sword arm strong, Whose name is known by deed and song, Pray fortune's loud voice does proclaim, Let Mathurin this day victory claim. With honor each challenge will be fought, And thus his name shan't be forgot.

In the style of the late 12th Century Breton Lais. -Mathurin

We all have our comfort zones. I spent a lot of time outside of mine this Lilies, participating in new activities, teaching a couple of classes, taking on new responsibilities and more. However, growth is a good thing, and combined with all the time spent with friends new and old, and all of the other things I have always loved about Lilies, I had a fantastic time! It gladdens my heart to be a part of this wonderful Kingdom, and to have gotten to spend so much time with so many of you this week. Thank you, Calontir! -Halldora

Results of the dyeing class posted by Khalil/Cesare -

So interesting note, milord Wilheard and I had to run into Smithville to go to the store. We ended up at Price Chopper, the old country mart on 169. Did anyone else see the "Welcome SCA" on the electronic sign? As we were checking out, we asked whose idea it was and that we wanted to thank them for thinking of our organization. They then asked for some information. With my prior chatelaine experience, I gave them some of the basic information about who we are and what we do. They then shook our hands and thanked us for the patronage. We just thought it was so amazing and thanked them again as we left.

Also, a gentle fighter, I do believe his name is Rothgar (please, correct me if I am incorrect!!), allowed me to wear his black hat while waterbearing on the field Friday and while I thanked him that day, I want to say thank you again for your generosity, very sweet of you to allow me to wear your hat! For the two days I was able to assist with waterbearing, I enjoyed every minute of it! -Ameline

Our first Lilies War was great! We had to cut it a little short, since my little girl got sick Thursday night, we thought it was the heat, but when we got to the ER, it was a UTI. *sigh* Gave her some fluids, antibiotics, and some motrin, she was a new kid. Went back to camp, and things were good. Friday morning she was a little wimpy, but no fever, and not feeling sick...then the vomiting started again. [Stuart Byrnes], loaded me and her up and home we came. He took the boy back and broke down camp. Sorry if I missed you, hugs all around. Thanks to all of House Hynnddyl and House Trollshaven for keeping an eye on the boy while we got the girl fixed up at the Doctor. Miss you all and see you next year!!! 16x16pxfeeling blessed. -Maegwynn

Fourth day at my first Lilies! Can this just go on forever? -Tanaka

Lilies this year was wonderful as usual. I have a story to tell. I showed up with a tentish contraption which I had judged to be able to withstand Lilies weather. I have learned that my skills do not lay in the realm of tent making... Malice made sure it wouldn't blow away, but he couldn't keep it from shredding... At least if a tent must fail, it should do so in an epic way (and mine most certainly did). I had no less then 3 people offer me tents to sleep in or use. I decided to steal [[2]]'s tent to use for the war. It is truly a wonderful feeling to know your family is there no matter what! -Michael Coudon

Great war! Thanks to everyone who made it so wonderful! -Nesscia

So much fun and wonderful people met at my first Lilies war! Can't wait to do it again! -Trolvok

Lilies Button Competition pictures posted by Ishmala -