Kris Kinder 2017

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9 December 2017 Location: Royalty: TRM Damien and Isabelle, TRH Ashir and Ashland

Event Steward:



Unofficial Court Report:

  • In morning court:

> Giraude Benet – Laurel > Ayisha bint Asad – Court Baronage > Kajsa Nikulasdotter – Laurel

  • In evening court:

> @Tamar bat Avraham – Laurel > Gerhart von Schleswig – AoA > Marget Orange – Golden Calon Swan > @Cai Dubhghlas – Cross of Calontir > @Leif Tryggvasson – Torse > Teresa Rose fillia Quiteria – Queen’s Chalice > Snorri Bjornsson – Silver Hammer > @Oswyn of Moonstone – Torse > Giovanna Canzoniere da Firenze – Calon Lily > Lilian Bowyer – Laurel > Hirsch Ross Eichmann – Augmentation of Arms > Magdalena vander Meere – Augmentation of Arms

  • Other court tidings:

> @Ayisha bint Asad offered Their Majesties’ thanks to the kingdom’s scribes with gifts of pergamenata. > The Barony of Forgotten Sea made a tithe to the kingdom. > 8 newcomers received mugs. > The new Baronage of The Lonely Tower will be HL Augustin le Blinde and Lady Aleit de la Thomme. Investiture will be at 12th Night. > Calontir celebrated the creation of the Shire of @Moonstone.


Comments and Impressions: