Kris Kinder 2015

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12 December Location Royalty: TRM Xerxes and BelAnna, TRH Matsu and Elena

Event Steward: Lady Kathryn Winterbourne Webpage:


Unofficial Court Report:

  • The Baronage of Vatavia will be released. Candidates sought to step up.

> Nethery of Safita is the new Clerk of Backlog Scrolls. > Kamiizumi Hirotarou, the true Tarou, was presented with his AoA scroll. From Atlantia. From 1984. > Victoria Antoinette de Sauvignon is the new Kingdom Minister of Youth. > Meadhbh inghean uí Shuibhne will be the new Kingdom Exchequer. > Ise no Kusunoki Kametsuru – Order of the Laurel. > Queen’s Chalices were given to Eriksson and to Ariana [sic]. > Paul Adler will be the new Kingdom Minister of Arts & Science. > Elynor of Glastonbury is the new Falcon Signet. > Miakushka Loshkina – Golden Calon Swan > Marie le Faivre – Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction. > Magnus Anskegg – Order of the Pelican. > Günther Klaus von Stuttgart – Order of the Calon Lily. > Nethery of Safita – Order of the Jiminy Cricket. And also a Court Baronage. > Katherine de Heilige – Order of the Laurel.


Comments and Impressions:

  • What a wonderful day at Kris Kinder! The populace, the company, the elevations, merchants and court! The most wonderful day possible and it's all due to you!!!

> Thank you for an amazing day! > TRM > Xerxis et BelAnna

  • Just got home from Toys For Tots, where I had a marvelous time! ...Thanks all who made my husband and me feel so welcome... - Cotrell