Kris Kinder 2014

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13 December 2014 Lutheran High School, Wornall Road, Barony of Forgotten Sea Royalty: Their Majesties Agamemnon and Gwen, Their Highnesses Anton and Isabeau

Event Steward: Gustav Jameson and Almedha of Anglesey



Court Report, unofficial:

  • Caitilin Inghean Áengusa became a Lady when she was granted her Award of Arms
  • Her Ladyship Maren Þorskapitr received her Leather Mallet for making "pretty metal things"
  • Sir Duncan of Skeene became Calontir's latest Earl Marshal
  • Magnus Þorgrimmson received his Award of Arms to become a Lord.
  • Lord Garrioch Sotherlaend was encouraged to brew more "tasty things" and given a Leather Mallet.
  • Aelin Kausi was Awarded Arms for all her work with silent heraldry.
  • Lady Lee Ann Pugh was awarded a Golden Calon Swan in recognition of her skills with paint.
  • In an unusual triple Lily-ing, Tamar bat Avraham received a Calon Lily for awesomeness including clothing, as did Wolfram Janssen (for inciting dancing and joy) and Helena Soranzo who looked like a Cranach painting.
  • In a break from tradition, Her Majesty gave her QED for Chivalry early to Lord Soren atte Raven for inspiring her on the archery line.
  • Cai Dubhghlas entered the Order of the Chivalry
  • Aline Swynbrooke entered the Order of the Laurel
  • Soren atte Raven - Queen's Endorsement of Distinction
  • And in a stirring and emotional presentation, His Excellency Avraham ben David Hakhazuri was granted an Augmentation to his arms for his "ceaseless battle against the chair called Bag".


Comments and Impressions:

  • Almedha and I would like to say thank you again to everyone that that lent a hand at Kris Kinder. It was so rewarding to hear from both merchants and attendees how great the event was, and how much fun was had by all!

> > Thank You to everyone that showed up early and busted their humps to get all the merchants unloaded and set up. Many of the merchants expressed their gratitude directly how much they appreciate that help. > > And Thank You again to the Canton of Astor Tor, and everyone that stayed for cleanup. We left that site in great condition and it was really nice to get out of there by 8:00 PM so we all still had some socializing time left in the evening. > > The site manager (Curtis) told me that that the inn was a huge success again this year. They plan to use the funds from the inn to put on a Christmas/Employee appreciation party for all the faculty and staff at the school. > > Kris Kinder is a fantastic event, it's our own Calontir Christmas party, and we feel very lucky that we get to host it here in Forgotten Sea. - Gustav Jameson >

  • This event was chock full of fun, friends and shopping. - Brialen Ulfsdottir


  • I had the *best* time yesterday! Thank you all, so much, for all the work you did. - Fiondel
  • Kris Kinder was a wonderful event. It was the first time in many years my household sisters and I were able to attend this event which is very close to our hearts. Our thanks to everyone who planned and worked so long and hard to prepare a wonderful event for everyone in attendance. Calontir is peopled by generous, wonderful folks. It is a joy to be part of it again. Ly. Kathryn of Faire Haven, Chatelaine, House of Kinross.
  • Had a wonderful time, great event. The lunch the school put on was good. - Sally Heald


  • Nicely run event, good atmosphere and kick ass help. Great day. Thank you, we enjoyed ourselves. Rorik and MaelBridgit.
  • I thought the unload crew was a stroke of brilliance. It not only helped merchants get unloaded quickly so we could get the market put together in time, but it also *cleared the loading area* very timely so we could get more vehicles in.

> 'Twas a master stroke - Bravo to the originator of this idea and many thanks from a grateful merchant! -Trevor Clemons

  • I wish to thank Calontir for their great generosity in their donations of items for the fundraiser as well as buying the goodies that will go towards the teens at Lilies. They collected $350 (not including the match money from Rhodri)!!! Thanks to the teens that worked on this, I would like them to get me their names & contact info. And of course a BIG THANKS to Auntie Alvira (Beth Trevor) and Bella (Ariana Pauley) for heading this up! - Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen
  • I just want to tell the Kingdom that I had a wonderful time at Kris Kinder. I am thankful that everyone was so warm and welcome in helping me out as I still grasping at all the awesome that is the SCA. I want to take this time to thank everyone that has helped me by answering my million of questions. I really want to thank Josefina DelTorre, first for being awesome. Two, for answering my endless question of garb construction. Thirdly, for sharing your home, your passions of proper period work and your friends so that I didn't wander Kris Kinder lost and completely Newbie Naked. - Izabellsa
  • The quality of merchants this year was great. I spent much more than I usually do, and got some really neat stuff! THANK YOU! - Jessica