Known World Fiber Arts Symposium 2016

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12 November 2016 Oakwood Road Community Center, Ames, Iowa Royalty: TRM Logan and Ylva

Event Stewards: HL Kristine nic Tallieur, Master Vincent de Vere Facebook Event -¬if_id=1479081012933847

Inn Steward: Lady Anastasia da Carrara. Inn Information: Heraldshill Fiber Symposium Inn 2016


Unofficial Court Report:

  • On the field:

> Elenora of Axed Root - AoA >

  • In evening court:

> Gwynhwyvar Clemettes - AoA > Beatrix Bogenschutz - AoA > Ulfvalder Folkmarsson - AoA > Jutte Roose van der Brugghe - Torse > Caitilin of Axed Root - AoA


Comments and Impressions:

  • I had a wonderful time at Known World Fiber Arts Symposium yesterday. Axed Root did a great job. I took a few classes and enjoyed learning new things. We brought Jessica to her first Society level event and her first time at court. During court I had the honor of being called up by their Majesties and was granted my Award of Arms! I'm so grateful to be a part of Herald's Hill and the great Kingdom of Calontir! Gwynhwyvar Clemettes
  • FANTASTIC fun event! Thank you to the 20-30 people who came in to take my class. - Miklos Farma
  • Good job, we thoroughly enjoyed your event. - Marian Elizabeth Wollenschlager and Nikolaus der Auslander, Barony of Jararvellir, Kingdom of Northshield.
  • I would really like to say a big Thank You to to everyone that made this event such a wonderful day. I had a great time and would love to come & do it again! - Moniczka Poznanska
  • Wow! Talk about an organized group! They were ready for check in tonight about a half hour before the posted time, the marvelous tokens were ready for people to explore, and the name tags were nearby in the community room. In the morning all I have to do is go to my first class! - Branwen Scholastica
  • Thank YOU for the amazing event!!! - Galiana, Kayleigh and Meadhbh of the Outlands
  • Known World Fiber Arts Symposium was an excellent event - Fun! Organized! Relaxed! Educational! Thank you so much Axed Root for a wonderful day ( and fantastic largess!). - HRM Ylva