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This Kingdom-level A&S event is actually two events in one: the Kingdom A&S Championship and the Kingdom Tri-Levels Competition.

The Kingdom A&S Championship is the competition that determines the Kingdom of Calontir’s Arts and Sciences Champion for the year. This person will champion the arts and sciences in Calontir and will represent the Kingdom to the Known World in foreign competitions and wars. For the next year the Champion will wear the Champion’s baldric and will get to keep the Champion’s Scroll on which the names of all prior Champions are written.

This competition is open to all artisans. Each entrant must enter three advanced level arts and/or sciences in three separate categories (no one can enter more than one of any one thing). The judging is face-to-face with three judges and is stricter than Tri-Levels judging. The entrants compete against each other.

Kingdom Tri-Levels is open to any level of artisan who wishes to participate. It is an open competition where entrants are judged by the Kingdom criteria face-to-face with three judges. The entrant chooses what level of expertise his or her entry is judged by (Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced). The entrants do not compete against each other; they compete against the criteria.

For the Tri-Level entries, there is usually a Judge’s Choice awarded in Court, chosen by the judges at the event.

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Judging Criteria

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