Kingdom A&S 2020, Virtual

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General Information[edit | edit source]

Competition/s[edit | edit source]

  • Tri-Levels only, no Championship this year.
  • "Display Only" option is available for the first time this year if people want to share projects without participating in formal judging.

Entrants:[edit | edit source]

Abbatissa Neyne Ihone McCaugh aka Abbatissa inghean Iohne mhic Cuaig: Medieval Bread Oven (Miscellaneous)

  • "I built a life size medieval woodfired oven in my back yard."

Agnes von Heidelberg: An SCA Dye Color Palette (Dyeing)

  • A collection of dye samples to show the different colors available with natural dyes on silk and wool with SCA period dyes.

Eadaoin inghean Chionoidha: German Gown (Clothing/Costuming)

  • A German gown with skirt and bodice cut in one.

Elaisse de Garrigues: The Shadow of the Scythe (Musical Performance, Meistergesang)

  • An audio recording of an original song.

Elaisse de Garrigues: Arrows (Archery Equipment)

  • Two sets of arrows for SCA shooting.

Finán mac Crimthainn: Glassmaking: Chalcedony Glass (Material Preparation)

  • Chalcedony glass is a material that shifts through a rainbow of colors when tempered with heat. It is known to modern glassworkers as striking glass. I compare a striking glass I formulated to historical examples.

Jon Chesey: The SCAdian Astronomical Epoch – Solar Position (Research Papers)

  • An astronomical epoch is a date on which the position of celestial objects is calculated. Using those positions and the motions of the objects, the future position of them can be predicted. In this paper, I explore how Ptolemy determined the position of the sun for the epoch he used in the Almagest, and follow his methodology to create a new epoch suitable for modern times and use within the SCA.

Lucinda Whyteland: Renaissance White Vine Illuminated Letter (Illumination)

  • Illuminated “W” initial done in renaissance white vine style

Sóma Tyrvadóttri: Norse Embroidery (Embroidery)

  • These embroideries are worked in variants of chain stitch and backstitch.

Sóma Tyrvadóttri: Tunic (Clothing/Costuming)

  • Tunic pattern conjectured from fragments found in Herjolfsnes, listed as D5674. Hand finished in blanket stitch.

Sóma Tyrvadóttri: Weaving (Weaving, Band/Inkle/Tablet)

  • Two bands of tablet weaving. 1 band is a variant of the Hallstatt 3 band found in Hallstatt Austria. The second band is the 8th pattern from Applesies and Foxnoses.

Tatiana Belaia: Rus Kokoshnik (Clothing Accessories)

  • A Rus Kokoshnik based on late medieval kokoshniks.

Ysabel de la Oya: 15th Century Open Hood (Clothing Accessories)

  • A silk 15th century open hood.

Zaneta Baseggio: A Hat for a Venetian Herald (Clothing Accessories)

  • An attempt at a handsewn 16th century hat that could have been worn by a Venetian herald.

Other Highlights:[edit | edit source]

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Feast Menu[edit | edit source]

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Photos & Videos:[edit | edit source]

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Comments and Impressions:[edit | edit source]

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